The best Apple TV+ series in 2024

Apple TV Plus is one of the best streaming platforms today because it has quality productions and a wide catalog of both the best movies and series of all genres.

So, if you have just subscribed to Apple TV Plus and are looking for the best series on the platform, here you will find a list of some of the available productions that have earned our recommendation.

Recommended Apple TV Plus series in 2024

These are some of the best series you can enjoy this year on Apple TV+.

Criminal Record

A crime drama about two police officers who reinvestigate a case that had supposedly been solved several years ago. After finding a new lead much later, they both believe that the alleged murderer behind bars is innocent.


Series starring Idris Elba in which he will be a business negotiator. However, due to an unforeseen turn of life, he will be forced to negotiate with some hijackers to prevent them from crashing the plane they have under his control.

Lessons in Chemistry

Based on the novel by science writer Bonnie Garmus, the series tells the story of Elizabeth Zott (Brie Larson), a scientist who is hired for a television cooking show after she is fired from the laboratory where she practiced her profession.

Shining Girls

A psychological thriller in which a woman believes that a murder that took place in Chicago is related to a crime that took place many years ago. To get to the root of the problem, she will team up with a Sun-Times reporter to uncover the truth.

The Crowded Room

Set in the 70s and starring Tom Holland, the series addresses the story of a young man who is arrested after a violent shooting that took place in New York City. The police, through interrogation, will try to discover why the boy participated in the shooting and what led him to get involved.


This series is based on the trilogy of books by Hugh Howey and its genre is science fiction. It's about an underground bunker where humans have locked themselves in to survive the apocalypse. However, a series of problems will wreak havoc on the shelter.

High Desert

This drama series is about a girl who is trying to overcome the death of her mother while fighting her drug addiction. Later, as time passes, she will decide to become a private detective, although not everything will turn out as she expected.

The Big Door Prize

A series that unites science fiction, drama and comedy through a high school teacher who is very happy with his life until a strange magical machine comes to town and people discover that it has the ability to tell them the potential of their life. This fact will make individuals wonder if they are really happy with what they have.


Shrinking is a series that exposes the life of Jimmy, a therapist who is trying to overcome the death of his wife and struggles to reconnect with his patients and daughter. The production has many comic, sad, real and dark moments.

The Changeling

We close with a science fiction series that also has suspense, terror and intrigue. It follows the life of a man who must enter an underground world located in New York because his wife has committed a horrific act that involves his son.

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