The best apps to create your photo with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools capable of generating convincing, hyper-realistic images from simple natural text descriptions have made waves this year and promise amazing advances for the future.

“Prompts” are the set of natural text-based descriptions that AIs take as instructions to generate images

From illustrating narratives or translating dreams into images (and even short videos, as Meta has achieved) to more recreational and prosaic options such as generating variant portraits of a user in different settings or styles.

Something that can be taken advantage of to have avatars or profile identification images in social networks that allow to offer an unpublished look, typical of some movie, series or comic. Very realistic versions but with a certain air of creation product of digital effects or an illustrator of comic book covers or novels that will give a distinctive touch to the profile of the user who incorporates them into their social networks.

How to create your profile picture with Artificial Intelligence.

This has led to the emergence of specific apps capable of generating images in various styles.Some of them are having such an impact that they appear in the Top 50 of the online app stores. All of them follow a common pattern, consisting of providing several images of the user in which the face is well distinguished, much better if in addition to frontal portraits they also include some with a certain oblique perspective.

With between 10 and 20 images supplied to the application, in the case of Lensa AI, the result is a set of 50 (and upon payment of $ 7.99) illustrations with different styles ranging from anime to science fiction through any pictorial style or even identifying the artist whose aesthetic lines you want the result to resemble.

The most successful in the app stores are the following:

-Lensa AI: This is the most popular. It is an image and video editing tool that has incorporated the well-known open source artificial intelligence image generation tool Stable Diffusion. It has obtained almost 13 million downloads in the first days of November.

-AI Art: With 1.7 million downloads during the first days of December, it is the second in this ranking.

-AI Avatars: It occupies the third position, with almost the same number of downloads (in fact depending on the day they can interchange their positions). With just a few text instructions (called “prompts” in the context of generative AIs) it is able to offer different avatars.

-AI Art Generator: Offers the possibility both to generate avatars and images of all kinds.

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