The best Artificial Intelligences for teachers and researchers

Best AIs for teachers

If used correctly, the Artificial Intelligence can help the teachers and researchers to streamline their work and optimize their time significantly.

AI is a resource that simplifies work. It in no way replaces your expertise and creativity as a teacher or researcher.

In this article you will find information about some AI apps that can serve as tools to improve productivity in your work as a teacher or researcher.

Artificial Intelligence for teachers and researchers

– ReadCube Papers: is a software for managing citations and bibliographic references. ReadCube Papers is a tool that makes it easy to read, annotate and share research papers between devices. To start downloading articles to your library, simply install the ReadCube extension in your browser.

Teaching assistants

– Elicit: works as a search engine that allows you to access reliable and relevant sources for your research. Elicit can be used from the web or by downloading the desktop app. The option called “Abstract” helps you to obtain simplified information on the articles that have been cited within the text on which you are basing your research work.

Teaching software

– Gradescope: this tool is essential for quickly managing, organizing, accessing and grading your students’ assessments. Gradescope offers several functions to create and edit assignments for your students. Students can then upload the assignments back to the platform once they complete them for review.

Applications for tutors

– Consensus: its operation is very similar to that of a chatbot to which you can ask any type of question. However, Consensus provides you with answers based on scientific evidence. It then compares all the information on the Internet to determine the veracity and credibility of any statement.

Apps to teach

– Research Rabbit: powerful search assistant that will help you find and organize research papers that you can then add to a collection and share with your collaborators. Simply enter a few keywords or phrases. Research Rabbit will then show you relevant articles through the Semantic Scholar engine and PubMed.

AI for learning

– Education Copilot: excellent tool that will help you plan your lessons in a matter of seconds. The AI will show you a detailed plan for teaching several lessons in a simple but interesting way.

AI to improve lessons

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