The best cards for commission-free travel

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If you are thinking of taking a trip abroad, one of your worries will undoubtedly be what commissions your bank will charge you for using your bank card or withdrawing money from the ATM. It is necessary to consult with the financial entity what costs will have these operations to avoid surprises later.

If the conditions offered do not convince you, you can always choose to hire an additional bank card for travel that does not charge you any commission. In the market there are some interesting options, free cards that do not charge commission for withdrawing from the ATM or that when buying in another currency do not pass on a too high commission.

To help you decide, especially if you are planning to travel and need a card, we have selected some of the most competitive cards on the market. They are cards that, in addition to being free, do not have any cost when it comes to maintaining them, so you can use them whenever you want, even if you do not travel much.

The best free cards to avoid paying commissions on vacations.

-Revolut Standard. Revolut is an entity that has different types of accounts and cards. The higher the monthly cost, the more benefits and advantages. However, we are going to focus on its free card, Revolut Standard, with which you will not have to pay issue or maintenance fee.

With this card you only pay the shipping costs -around 7 euros- and among its advantages is the possibility of withdrawing for free from any ATM in the world, up to a maximum of 200 euros per month. After that, they charge 2% commission.

You can also make payments in any currency, with a maximum of 1,000 euros per month if it is in a currency other than the euro. That is, if you pay in euro you will not be charged commission, but if it is in another currency you can spend up to 1,000 euros. Above that amount you will pay a 1% commission. It also offers unlimited virtual cards.

-N26 Card. This card does not have a monthly fee either, although you do have to pay for shipping. In its case, it is more recommended for making purchases than for withdrawals at ATMs, a point where the previous card beats it. It does not charge any commission for purchases, neither in euros nor in local currency, so in this aspect it is unbeatable.

As for ATM withdrawals, the first three withdrawals of the month are free. After that, 2 euros are charged for cash withdrawals.

-Wise card. It is another good option to make trips without paying -too many- commissions. Its issuance is free, and it has no maintenance commission. When withdrawing at ATMs, you can make two free withdrawals per month, up to 200 euros in total. After that, you pay a commission of 1.75%.

When paying, there is no commission if the purchase is made in euros. If it is in any other currency, 0.43% commission is charged.

-Vivid card. It also offers unlimited payments at merchants with 0% discount. Cash withdrawals at ATMs are commission free up to a maximum of 200 euros per month. It has no maintenance fee and allows free transfers.

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