The best cartoon series for adults on Netflix [2023]

Best comics for adults on Netflix

Although Netflix is ​​a platform made for the whole family, it has a large amount of content with violent, dark, absurd or black humor themes made for adults. And it’s not just about documentaries or the best movies, but there is also a good catalog of comics and animation content for the older ones in the house.

Therefore, if you want to watch cartoons with a special theme for adults, here you will find a list of the best movies and series of this style that you can find on Netflix. There are genres for all tastes, so you are sure to discover animation content that will become your favorite.

Adult cartoons on Netflix

–BoJack Horseman: a Netflix original series that is about the absurd and empty world of Hollywood. In the first seasons it makes fun of various aspects such as the true importance of being an actor, the world of appearances, the superficiality of being, film critics, etc.

Then, starting with the third season, the series becomes much deeper. Through its protagonist, BoJack, who is the representation of a fallen actor, it explores complex themes such as human errors, the opportunities we have for spiritual restoration, how we can live with our imperfections and more.

The most notable aspect of this animated series is that it addresses each topic with vulgar language and uncomfortable situations. However, he manages to convey his message about the nature of the human being and criticizes the entertainment industry from all sides.

– Arcane: At first it seemed that Arcane was a series made in “fanservice” mode for video game lovers, especially for League of Legends players. But we were wrong because the theme goes far beyond the games, the plot revolves around a political conflict that the protagonists must resolve to restore peace and save their lives.

In addition to the criticism of the system and power statuses, it should be noted that the action passages are very well done. Everything that has to do with combat, shooting and frenetic racing across rooftops and narrow streets will captivate you and you will want to continue receiving more in each chapter.

As this is an animated series, every landscape in the world of Arcane is impressive, with cities, suburbs and natural spaces perfectly complementing the plot. To that we can also add a handful of charismatic, interesting and dynamic characters who are always trying to get rid of a problem.

– Love, Death & Robots: We arrive at a production that divides each season into various episodes that are not related to each other because they are separate stories. In Love, Death & Robots you will find everything, such as violent stories, science fiction, horror, comedy, cyberpunk plots and more, here creativity has no limits.

It is a journey of emotions because each episode is perfectly developed, both in the technical section and in the script. The stories are interesting and incredible, surely on several occasions you will want to know more, but that is precisely where the magic of this comic lies where each event ends drastically.

We cannot leave aside the computer animation of this series, it is often difficult to know if we are dealing with real or animated characters because several chapters become photorealistic. It seems like a small window into the future of what we could soon receive both in the world of animated comics and in video games.

– Disenchantment: a series written by Matt Groening, the same creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, so it is a production loaded with simple and effective humor, but at the same time complex because each episode is full of original jokes that fulfill their function .

However, Disenchantment is not only a series made up of disconnected episodes or without a clear relationship with each other. Here you will follow the adventures of Princess Bean and her faithful companions who will follow her through a rebellious life in which she does not want to marry or meet the typical standard of being an exemplary lady.

In addition to Bean, there is also a conspiracy plot that the characters will be in charge of investigating to get to the heart of the matter in the fictional kingdom of Dreamland. So you can expect a well-defined thread that will be filled with dark and silly humor of the highest level.

– Blue Eye Samurai: If you are a lover of Samurai X-style mangas, you can be sure that this Netflix production will meet your expectations. You will follow the story of Mizu, a mixed-race swordswoman who is haunted by a dark and violent past.

Like any good adult samurai comic, the sustenance of this series is the constant thirst for revenge, since Mizu only wants to kill all the people who forced her to become a wandering woman due to her condition as a mixed race. She will try to join society through a very bloody path.

The story is set in 17th century Japan and efficiently exposes the problem of racism and xenophobia. However, not everything is pain and swords, since Mizu will have the help of a peculiar companion on her journey who will give humor and more color to her life.

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