The best cartoon series of the 80s and 90s

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The 80s and 90s allowed the children of that time to discover, thanks to television, a new world of fun, with countless characters that transmitted values ​​and knowledge.

From the look at space and the future to the ins and outs of the functioning of the human body, children, animals and fantastic creatures populated the television afternoons of the 80s and 90s

Nostalgia (and programming needs) have expanded the reach of these characters to the point of popularizing them among later generations as well. With the proliferation of television channels at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, many new characters and series have emerged.

Fortunately, the countless streaming platforms allow us to recover many of the most memorable cartoons (from “traditional” animationno digital animation) to the delight of the little ones in the house and, why not, nostalgic enjoyment of those who discovered them in their childhood with the original television broadcasts.

The best animated series and where to watch them on the Internet

“Once upon a time the human body” (Tubi): The secrets of how the human body works have never been more educational and fun than with this series in which organs, cells, tissues, germs, and foods reveal their secrets.

“Once upon a time the man” (Tubi, Freevee): The history of Humanity throughout different times and countries. Culture, society, inventions, and in the background how men and women have advanced together over the centuries.

“Garfield” (Peacock, PlutoTV): Everyone’s favorite tabby cat created by Jim Davis is as funny and playful at times as he is caustic and grumpy at others. Much to the chagrin of Jon, his human companion, this lasagna- and nap-loving feline has his own personality and his own plans, including ruining his dinners with Liz, the veterinarian he is in love with. Nobody hates Mondays like Garfield.

“The Pink Panther” (Prime): With the omnipresent music of the great Henry Mancini as a backdrop and with a humor that is sometimes absurd, sometimes surreal, the improbable pink panther lives adventures that go from the everyday to the extraordinary but always with an irresistible humor .

“The ninja turtles” (Paramount+): Educated by their teacher Splinter in the sewers of New York and baptized with the names of four of the greatest artists of the Renaissance, Leonardo, Raphaello, Michelangelo and Donatello, they fight crime thanks to their knowledge of martial arts, their courage and their brotherly camaraderie.

“The Tiny Ones” (Pluto TV): Only a 13-year-old boy knows about the existence of the Diminutos family, characters who, due to their small size, live up to their surname and with whom he will live exciting adventures while trying to protect his existence from the evil professor who searches with evil intentions.

“The Care Bears” (Tubi): They have their origin in a line of teddy bears, each of which has its own personality (but always affectionate and adorable), its own color (all of them in sweet and soft tones) and its own assigned task in the community in which they live.

“The Smurfs” (HBO Max, Prime, Tubi): The most popular creation of the brilliant Peyo are these tiny beings, all with blue skin, all practically indistinguishable (except Papa Smurf, with his bushy beard, or the beautiful Smurfette for obvious reasons) and characterized by their personality traits, hobbies or professions (Hefty, Prankster, Glasses, Sweet Tooth, Grumpy, Poet, Lazy…). His adventures in the forest, fleeing from the evil wizard Gargamel (and his cat Azrael) are filled with his particular language in which countless verbs and adjectives are replaced by “smurfer” or “smurfered.”

“The Jetsons” (HBO Max): It was one of the most optimistic looks at the future for generations of viewers who dreamed of traveling in flying ships, having robots at home or spending vacations in space. The space age with the arrival of man to the Moon promised to put the Universe and technological progress within the reach of families and “The Jetsons” allowed us to dream of that future through this particular family.

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