The best cartoons on Netflix

Despite the fact that Disney + has the throne of animation as it contains all the films from the Factory of Dreams and many animated releases for 2021, other platforms like Netflix also have an extensive and interesting catalog with them great titles in the history of animation.

In the Netflix catalog you can find some titles from the big animation studios like Dreamworks.

With that in mind, Netflix has some of the most famous animated films of all time, as among the titles on the platform stand out all of Hayao Miyazaki’s work, as well as some very funny titles from studios like Dreamworks or Illumination. For animation lovers, today we recommend some of the best Netflix cartoons:

-Hayao Miyazaki: On Netflix, it is possible to find Master Miyazaki’s films, which are considered by critics and users to be some of the top works in Japanese animation. Among the titles that can be found on the platform are films such as “Spirited Away”, “The Tomb of the Fireflies” or “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

-“Madagascar”: Four funny animals from the Central Park Zoo have dreamed of being able to flee and live in freedom all their lives. The four end up in Madagascar, where they discover that the animal world is very different from their imagination and that freedom is not as easy as they thought.

– “The Origin of the Guardians”: Epic adventure full of action and magic that tells the story of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost, legendary characters with extraordinary skills. When Sombra, a mysterious evil spirit, instills fear in the hearts, the Guardians band together to protect the children’s desires and ideas.

– “How to Train Your Dragon”: Based on the children’s book by Cressida Cowell, it tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager who refuses to continue his clan’s tradition of killing dragons. Hiccup has to face his differences when he meets a dragon he becomes friends with.

– “Invading Neighbors”: Verne and RJ, a turtle and raccoon, discover that someone is building a house on their territory, which is both an opportunity and a headache for this strange couple. Together he must learn to live with the people who have moved to his area.

– «Megamind»: Megamind is the brightest, but least fortunate, supervillain in the world as his attempts to conquer Metro City are always foiled by Metro Man, the city’s protector. However, if Megamind manages to kill Metro Man, his life becomes meaningless. He decides to create Titan, a hero who will have to replace Metro Man. The problems begin when Titan discovers that it is more fun to be bad and set off not just to conquer but to end Earth.

– «Bee film»: Barry B. Bensosn is a bee who has just finished her studies but is disappointed that her future lies in honey. One day, when he forgets all the rules, he leaves the beehive and decides to talk to a human. In doing so, he discovers that humans have been stealing honey for centuries and will wage a fight to restore balance and sue people for stealing honey.

– «Hotel Transilvania»: In this funny film, Dracula is the director of a hotel where characters like Frankenstein, the mummy, the invisible man or the werewolves stay. The count’s problem is the inquisitive and adventurous spirit of his daughter Mavis, which makes her feel attracted to a young person who lives in the hotel.

– “Beyond the moon”: Fei Fei is an intelligent and brave girl, in love with science, who decides to build a rocket to travel to the moon and prove the existence of a legendary goddess. There Fei Fei will be embroiled in an adventure in which he will discover another world full of strange creatures.

– “Happy feet”: Mumble is an emperor penguin that lives in Antarctica. Like all of his styles, he needs to know how to sing in order to attract a partner. However, Mumble has a terrible voice, so he decides to forget about singing and express himself through his incredible talent for dancing.

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