The best Christmas movies on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime

Christmas is here and it’s the best time to enjoy a family plan such as For example, spending the afternoon at home with lots of popcorn and watching Christmas movies.

Christmas is an ideal time to enjoy the movies at home with the whole family

You can always turn to the best animated films, but on the dates we meet, it’s better to let yourself be carried away by Santa and see some of the great Christmas titles that platforms like Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video have in theirs Have catalogs.

We have selected the film for you so that you don’t need too long to decide and that you can easily agree with the family which film you would like to see best christmas movies that are available today:

– “Christmas Chronicles” (Netflix): Christmas film with Kurt Russel in the role of Santa Claus, in which a couple of teenagers, Teddy and his sister Kate, crash Santa’s sleigh and have to work all night so as not to destroy Christmas. It is also possible to find the second part on the platform.

– «Klaus» (Netflix): The Oscar-nominated film from the creator of “Despicable Me” tells with a very special aesthetic the story of Jesper, the worst student at the Post Academy, who is sent to a distant destination for punishment.

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– «Actually love» (Amazon Prime Video): A classic romantic movie to enjoy this Christmas as it takes place on these dates. Several stories, all with love as the main theme, that make the romantics breathe easy.

– “El Grinch” (Amazon Prime Video): Adaptation of the story by Dr. Seuss, voiced by Ernesto Alterio as The Grinch, a green-haired creature who hates Christmas and will do everything in his power to ruin it.

– «Alone at home» (Disney +): Mythical film with Macaulay Culkin and a Christmas classic. Kevin’s family, an 8 year old boy, goes on a trip and forgets the little one. Harry and Marv, the wet thieves, roam his neighborhood, however, so he won’t be alone for long.

– «Frozen» (Disney +): One of the most successful Disney films of all time with the princesses Elsa and Anna and the snowman Olaf.

– “Polar Express” (Netflix): A child who is losing his enthusiasm for Christmas gets on a train to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

– «Gremlins» (Netflix): “Gremlins” is one of those films that should not be missing from a list of Christmas films. From the hand of Joe Dante, he tells us how a last-minute Christmas present can cause a number of unthinkable disasters.

– «Elf» (HBO): A baby from an orphanage gets into Santa’s gift bag and works in the North Pole workshop, which is adopted and raised as an elf. As an adult, he doesn’t quite fit in with the elves and tries to reunite with his family.

– “Arthur Christmas: Gift Operation” (Netflix): Santa Claus wants to retire and trusts that his son Steven will take over the business. This Christmas, however, one of the 600 million children is left without a gift and Steven has to solve the problem.

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