The best Christmas music playlists on Spotify

Best Christmas playlists on Spotify

Spotify has plenty of playlists and, as expected, Christmas is not going to go unnoticed. The application has made available to all its users hundreds of playlists with Christmas themes. It has taken very seriously the idea of transmitting and infecting people with the Christmas spirit.

Spotify Christmas music is very varied, it has the ability to please any taste.

You can create your own playlist on Spotify, but you can also resort to one of the many already created. To make it easier for you, here you will find the best Christmas playlists of the moment, there is a little bit of everything, from upbeat and danceable music, to classic New York jazz.

– Classic Christmas songs: are those tracks that never go out of style and always suit Christmas very well. We are talking about tracks like “Let it Snow!”, “The Christmas Song”, “A Marshmallow World”, etc. They are perfect to share with the family because they create a relaxing atmosphere.

– Hanukkah Playlist: has the ability to add all the festive spirit that is needed in this special month. There is some very iconic music sung by the likes of Barenaked Ladies and Idina Menzel.

– Motown Soul tunes: stands out for being a playlist full of catchy, moving and very danceable rhythms. It features top-level groups such as The Jackson 5, James Brown and The Temptations. All these great bands provide the user with some of the best Christmas songs in history.

– Family Christmas: a playlist that is focused on children and the music they love the most. Logically, there are unique tracks that are already part of Christmas, such as “Ring in the Season” (from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure) and Jo Jo Siwa (from Run Run Rudolph).

– New Christmas music 2022: has the most recent tracks of the moment. Although not everything is modern, there are also some fun old tracks that marked a whole generation. Anyone will enjoy this playlist because you will hear Wham!, The Ronettes, John Legend, NSYNC, Britney Spears, etc.

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