The best controllers for PC [2024]

Although there are many games that you can play on your computer with the mouse and keyboard, the truth is that with a good controller you will be able to fully enjoy sports, racing, and adventure titles… as you will have better control of the characters. of the video game.

In addition, if you get one of the best controllers for PC, you will also enjoy a comfortable grip, suitable for spending hours and hours playing without getting too tired.

Along with this feature, other qualities that distinguish these devices are their resistant materials and their excellent autonomy. So, if you want your gaming experience with your computer to improve significantly, here is a list of controllers for PC that you cannot miss:

TOP of the best controllers for PC of 2024

There are models for all tastes, from simple and efficient controls to controls that can be customized at will to achieve a button layout that adapts to your needs.

Xbox Series X|S controller

If you want a basic, efficient and ergonomic controller, this Xbox model is one of the best. The joysticks have precise response and the buttons are well built, made to last for several years. As for the D-pad, it makes it easier to press diagonally, something that is important in fighting games.

Note that the compatibility of the control is very broad, all you have to do is press the pairing button for the computer to recognize it in a matter of seconds. Likewise, you will find it available in a huge number of colors and there are several special editions such as, for example, Forza Horizon. Its price is 60 euros.

Xbox controller for PC

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra

This is one of the best competitive controllers due to the customization it offers. It has its own LCD screen where you can set the sensitivity of the joysticks, triggers, buttons and more. It also allows you to configure the RGB lights, the audio volume, the hall effect of the levers, etc., which is very convenient, since you will make the adjustments from the same controller.

Another point to highlight is its solid autonomy, which can reach 18 – 30 hours of use. Likewise, the buttons, joysticks and levers are removable so that you can adjust each section as is most practical to take full advantage of the versatility of the controller. The cost of the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra is 200 euros.

Competitive control

8BitDo Pro 2

8BitDo Pro 2 offers a controller with a retro design that resembles the Nintendo SNES controller. If you want something basic, with this 8Bit model you will get everything you need for a simple title, such as a pair of joysticks, a D-pad, and a select and start button.

It is worth noting the compatibility of the controller, you can use it on any operating system without problems, be it Linux, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, etc. On the other hand, the buttons can be mapped so that they fulfill the function you want and the autonomy reaches 18 hours of use. The amount of this control is 50 euros.

retro controller

Victrix Pro BFG

We arrive at a modular controller, this means that the parts that make it up can be easily removed, such as the joysticks, buttons, rear levers, etc. This is advantageous in competitive games because the layout can be adjusted as desired for better performance.

Battery life, according to Vitrix, reaches 20 hours of play. On the other hand, the controller has its own app that works as a command center where you can program the function of the buttons, run diagnostics, configure the dead zones of the triggers and joysticks and more. Its price is 175 euros.

Control for competition

DualSense Wireless Controller

The PlayStation 5 controller provides an immersive experience thanks to its haptic triggers. This type of technology reflects in the trigger what happens on the screen, for example, if in the game you are drawing a bow, the trigger will be drawn to simulate the action, and so on with other effects, such as vibration when firing a weapon and more.

In this controller you will also get a 3.5 mm jack to connect your headphones and a speaker and an integrated microphone. This way, if your headphones don’t have a microphone, you can use the one that includes the control, which is a useful addition. Mention that it is an ergonomic controller that is light and comfortable when playing. The cost of this model is 70 euros.

PlayStation 5 controller

8BitDo Ultimate

We close this list with a simple and beautiful controller that has what you need to play on Windows and macOS. It includes its own charging base within the packaging, something unusual in this price range, since it only costs 70 euros and constantly receives discounts.

In addition to the usual joysticks and buttons, on the back of the controller you will find two additional triggers that are useful in competitive titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc., for shortcuts. To ensure effective pairing, the controller comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle to quickly connect to any PC.

Remote control with dongle

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