The best cryptocurrencies to mine at home [2023]

What are the best cryptocurrencies

Mining and investing in cryptocurrencies might be a profitable job, but it is also an expensive activity because it requires you to spend thousands of euros to buy a GPU (or ASICs), organize equipment, and shell out even more money for power supplies and other accessories. The good news is that some of the best cryptocurrencies do not need such a large expenditure of money to mine.

It is not necessary to have a high-end GPU to mine cryptocurrencies smoothly, it is possible to save money.

Mining consists of solving complex mathematical problems, for each equation solved, the miner will get paid for his work. This is an important task because it helps to verify transactions on blockchain and streamline the purchase of digital currencies. The positive part of this is that it is now possible to mine some of the best cryptocurrencies with a mid-range GPU, here we will tell which are the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

– Monero (XMR): Is the easiest cryptocurrency to mine with a simple computer. It offers the ability to mine alone or join a mining group where computer resources will be used with other miners to mine XMR. The ability to be part of a group is positive because you won’t need a powerful computer, although joining a community requires paying a fee to be part of it.

– Dogecoin (DOGE): although it was a meme coin, it currently has a market capitalization of over $20 billion. The coin has a Scrypt protocol for mining. It is possible to mine DOGE using GUIminer or CudaMiner software or with a powerful GPU-CPU pairing.

– Litecoin (LTC): one of the best viable secondary options to Bitcoin. It is an open source P2P cryptocurrency and mining LTC is a good idea because it is in high demand and has a Scrypt protocol. So you won’t need to invest in ASICs chips, but you do need to buy a competent GPU because it requires a lot of memory.

– Ethereum Classic (ETC): as its name suggests, is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is the original version of ETH. Being an open source cryptocurrency, it can be easily mined at home. The mining algorithm is a bit different from Ethereum’s, it goes by the name ETcHash. It also supports smart contracts and decentralized apps.

– Zcash (ZEC): made for people who want to mine with normal hardware. ZEC is ideal for sending and receiving money quickly and securely. The coin allows you to join any mining group and also offers an option to protect your ZEC using a protected coin base. This enhances security and provides the ability to transfer mining payments immediately to a digital wallet.

– Ravencoin (RVN): the Ravecoin blockchain is made to facilitate the transfer of cryptoassets from one place to another. Moreover, anyone has the opportunity to mine RVN with a mid-range GPU and CPU, which is a great advantage because you won’t have to invest a lot of money in your mining equipment.

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