The best customizable controllers for video games

The customizable video game controllers They are designed to play action titles, FPS and, in general, any title that requires a fast response time. This is because the control includes levers and extra pieces that will improve your performance and will also allow you to modify the arrangement of the buttons as you see fit, which will give you an advantage when playing.

Although the market is full of customizable controllers, the reality is that there are few that are able to offer truly competitive and professional performance. Therefore, here you will find the controls that are designed to improve your skills as a gamer.

TOP of the best customizable controllers for video games

Each of the controls that appear in this list stand out for their customization capacity, construction materials and precision. They are premium controls that are aimed at the competitive field of video games.

Microsoft Elite Series 2

It stands out because it allows you to adjust the tension of the rear triggers in order to adapt the response time. The buttons can be placed in any order you want and the height of the joysticks is adjustable so they fit the size of your hand easily.

The controller deck, designed for Xbox and PC, can save up to three action configurations for each button and stick. Additionally, it makes it possible for you to assign multiple functions to the same button to further increase customization. The controller’s battery has a range of 40 hours, is compatible with Windows, macOS and Xbox and its price is 180 euros.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

This controller is designed especially for the PlayStation 5, among its qualities its ultra-fast connection with the console stands out, which has low latency thanks to the USB-A dongle that connects to the Play. The pressure of the triggers is adjustable and can be replaced by other models of the same brand.

The crosshead can also be removed to change it, the same goes for the buttons on the controller. The control incorporates RGB lights on its joysticks that you can adjust as you like through the Razer Controller app. The cost ranges between 250 and 300 euros.

PDP Afterglow Wave Wireless LED Controller

We come to a controller that is made for the Nintendo Switch and that has the official Nintendo license, which guarantees that it is a quality product. Its main quality is that it has eight zones with RGB lighting that can be adjusted as you wish.

On the back, in addition to the triggers, it incorporates two levers that are vital in games like Fortnite because they serve as shortcuts. Despite its striking lighting, the battery life is 40 hours and it has a really affordable price of 45 euros.

SCUF Instinct Pro

The control designed by SCUF is compatible with Xbox and PC, its main quality is that the back includes four extra levers that you can customize to create shortcuts that allow you to improve your response times in the video game.

Each rear stick can be customized with up to 16 different functions to make the gaming experience 100% unique. The controller has a button that allows you to immediately switch between three settings. The pressure of the levers can be configured, the same goes for the height of the joysticks.

The ergonomics of the controller are also another plus point, offering a natural and comfortable grip due to the asymmetrical triggers and its textured back that prevents accidental slips. The cost of SCUF command ranges between 180 and 230 euros.

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra High-Performance Controller

It is one of the most advanced controllers today, as it has a small LCD touch screen on the front that will allow you to read the notifications you receive from your friends through Steam and Xbox chats. This technology, so far, is only possessed by Turtle Beach.

The panel also serves to select controller settings, such as microphone activation, RGB lighting adjustment, case volume, and more. On the other hand, the rear area incorporates four additional customizable levers and the joysticks can be removed to change their height and vibration motor.

The same thing happens with the buttons, you can modify their order, pressure level or simply replace them with others. The controller grips have RGB lights and the body of the controller is coated with rubber to improve grip and withstand drops and scratches.

In addition, the controller comes with its own charging base, case and comes with a USB-A dongle that improves response time. The device is compatible with Xbox, Windows, iOS and Android and its price is 200 euros (it is available on the Turtle Beach website and Amazon).

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