The best digital marketing agencies [2023]

In 2023, the competitive landscape for companies in the digital marketing industry is ever-evolving. As such, the need for the best digital marketing agencies is more apparent than ever–one that is focused on delivering expert solutions through innovative strategies and practices.

Ranking best digital marketing agencies

If you want your company or business to stand out on the Internet, you will need the help of. the best professionals in digital marketing. Collaborating with experts in SEO positioning, search engine marketing (SEM), programmatic advertising or will be essential for the positioning of your SME or large company on the Web and help you achieve your goals.

These are the best digital marketing agencies in Spain in 2023.

However, there are many freelancers and digital marketing agencies that can be found in the market. On many occasions, entrepreneurs and marketing managers of companies have a hard time deciding on one and do not know who to choose as a traveling companion to get the most out of the company in the digital environment.

When considering hiring a digital marketing agency, many doubts may arise: will they really help me to grow my business, will they have expert professionals in constant training, will they be aware of the latest trends, and, of course, will they offer me the best value for money in their services?

To help you dispel these doubts, we have selected some of the best digital marketing agencies you can find today. To prepare this article we have looked at the quality of the services offered and the variety of solutions proposed; the excellent relationship with customers and the adaptation to the reality and objectives of each one; the training and preparation of professionals working in these companies, as well as success stories that have developed with some of the companies that have hired them.

In this sense, in the opinion of the TreceBits editorial staff, the best digital marketing agencies of 2023 would be: Torres y Carrera, Refinería Web, Marketing Paradise, Tidart and NeoAttack.. This is not a list in which they appear in order from highest to lowest score, but these are the five agencies that have deserved to be included in our list of Best Digital Marketing Agencies 2023. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:


NeoAttack Agency

Elitetorrent: History and Alternative Sites

NeoAttack is a digital marketing agency founded in Madrid in 2014. Its main areas of expertise include SEO, PPC and Copywriting services, as well as web development.

The company’s motto is “We’ve come to play.” According to their own words, they like to go all out to get the best results for their clients, “not only in marketing, but in any area where we can do our bit to improve results”.

This agency stands out for its direct and close treatment, as well as for the support provided by its team of project managers to each of its clients on a day-to-day basis. Among the companies that rely on it are Brico Depot, UCAM, Midas, Intermundial, APK2 and Formación Alcalá.

A regular in agency rankings, in 2002 NeoAttack was named second best SEO agency in Spain by Marketing 4 Ecommerce, and third best SEO agency in Spain by the Escuela Europea de Empresas. This year it was also ranked third among the best SEM agencies in Spain by Marketing 4 Ecommerce.

Contact details:
NeoAttack SEO Agency
Phone: 910612029


Tidart Agency

Tidart Digital Media & Data Agency is a digital media agency that applies proprietary and innovative technology to digital planning.

Specializing in digital media strategy and buying, its SEM, Social Ads, Programmatic Display & Video services stand out. It is an expert agency in making its clients’ digital media investment more efficient. To do this, it works with its own algorithms, bots and customizable tools with optimization parameters for each client based on their objectives, from brand building to customer generation and loyalty.

Along with its commitment to innovation, it stands out for seeking efficiency in its campaigns and offers total transparency in media investment, offering each client a personalized dashboard where they can track their campaigns in real time. In addition, it does not require the signing of permanence contracts, thus guaranteeing that the contractual relationship continues as long as the client wishes and can terminate the contract whenever he/she wishes, without penalties.

Created in 2012, it has more than a decade of experience in media planning, on edge technology, data science and scientific methodology. In addition to a team of certified professionals with proven experience in the management of online campaigns.

Tidart stands out for being a Google Premium Partner, Microsoft Partner Select, Meta & Instagram Business Partner, Apple Search Ads Partner and has been elected 5th best SEM agency in Spain by Marketing4Ecommerce.

Among its clients are Air Europa, Alsa, Wible, Be Live Hotels, Bershka, Bimba y Lola, Etam, Álvaro Moreno, Foot District, El Ganso, Bodeboca, Lladró, Game, Cosmo, FlixOlé, among others.

Contact details:
Phone: 911610037

Marketing Paradise

Marketing Paradise Agency

Marketing Paradise is an agency created in 2014 whose main hallmark is that it is a 100% digital agency. It is composed of a team of passionate online world ready to accompany companies that want to get digital marketing to grow their business and their brand.

They have a top team to face any digital challenge, which guarantees a first class online experience and the achievement of results in the areas in which they specialize.

Among the services offered by this company, based in Alcorcón (Madrid), to its customers include planning and online strategy at all levels, Social Media, SEO positioning, Paid Campaigns, Content Marketing and Email marketing.

“We are a digital agency that you have to know. We form a perfect team to achieve all the challenges that a business faces” emphasize its creators. To do this, they draw a strategy tailored to the needs of each client, focusing on what can give them profitability from the first moment. “We are very agile, versatile and, above all, fresh. We pamper each project as if it were our own, we have a top team that gets involved with each client,” they say.

In addition to the design of the strategy designed to give results from the first moment, Marketing Paradise stands out for its transparency and ability to adapt to the day to day of customers and optimize processes, thanks to its careful internal organization. This, together with a first class human team, constitutes its differential bet, which is completed with a podcast that has already been running for 8 seasons and the premiere this year of its Academy to train successful professionals.

Contact details:
Marketing Paradise

Web Refinery

RefineryWeb Agency

With more than 20 years of experience in online marketing, Refinería Web is an agency created in 2003 and located in Palma de Mallorca. Specializing in web design, digital marketing and graphic design, it has more than 80 professionals.

It offers Web Development, Digital Marketing, Consulting, audiovisual production and graphic design services. It works globally for a large number of countries and has a great expertise in the area of tourism; although its professionals also move with ease in other large verticals such as the health sector, real estate or ecommerce.

With strong specialization in areas such as SEO, SEM, Social Networks, CRM and Digital Analytics, the philosophy of this company stands out for becoming the technological partner of its clients and being present throughout their digitalization process: both in internal processes and in marketing policies and strategies. In addition, in companies with consolidated marketing departments, it offers a high level of specialization in the implementation of digital strategies.

Refinería Web is certified as an innovative SME by AENOR and they are the only Salesforce partner in the Balearic Islands, and the only Sharpspring Platinum partner in Spain. They are also a Google Premier Partner.

Its DNA is eminently technological. The team has more than 20 programmers and both the solutions they offer and the focus of all their projects always pivot on a technological layer. In addition, they are very oriented to the achievement of results and traceability of the projects they implement.

Contact details:
Web Refinery
Phone: 971729883

Torres and Carrera

Torres and Carrera

Strategic communications and digital marketing consultancy founded by Paula Carrera and Xurxo Torres, with more than 60 people and offices in Madrid, Vigo, Barcelona, Valencia and Mexico City. Created in 2003, it is one of the leading agencies in the sector both in terms of turnover and professional excellence. Specializing in four main areas of expertise (environmental, social and corporate governance, consumption, nutrition and health), they have more than 50 national and international awards.

They have a team with the potential to operate in the strategic management of social media campaigns, digital advertising and performance, CRM management and digital commerce marketing, providing an integrated vision of what they believe a digital marketing consultancy should offer clients. Its main services include digital strategy and planning; Social Media, Social CRM and Community Management; web production and digital creativity; content marketing, inbound marketing and SEO positioning; social influence strategy and influencer marketing, digital crisis management, digital advertising (social ads, Google Ads…) and performance marketing. They also offer in-company digital training and CRM and CRO analytics.

In addition, as a communication and social innovation consultancy, it provides strategic consulting services, public affairs, ESG environment, event creation, spokesperson training, branded content, design and creativity.

Their strength is their extensive knowledge of the key elements of communication and digital marketing. They are differentiated by their ability to choose and activate those that are most strategic for each client at any given moment. Through social listening and data analysis, but always with critical thinking, they achieve unique combinations that are reflected in tangible results.

“Our main difference lies in the knowledge of a 360-degree view. None of the practices we develop in the agency or the digital marketing area is interpreted as an isolated element. It is part of a whole that operates in a very complex and changing social fabric,” they point out.

Contact details:
Torres and Carrera
Phone: 915901437

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