The best e-books of 2023

Best e-books for reading novels

The electronic books offer a reading experience and advantages superior to those offered by the best apps for reading books on Android mobiles. In your eBook you can carry all your favorite texts wherever you want in your pocket and read them on an adapted screen that will take care of your vision. In addition, another great advantage of this type of device is its autonomy, thanks to which you can enjoy whole days of reading without having to go through the charger.

Not all e-books have a touch screen and illumination.

To choose the best e-books you need to be very clear about what kind of needs you have as a reader. In that sense, it is important to consider factors such as compatibility with different types of format, the quality of brightness, battery or screen dimensions. That way, you will surely have no problem choosing among the models we will recommend below.

– Kobo Clara HDOne of the best alternatives in the entry range offered by Kobo. Its strongest points are its large storage capacity, the Kobo ecosystem to read your books on different devices and its screen with automatic gradual illumination.

Best eBooks

– Kindle OasisAn excellent premium e-book that stands out for the size of its screen and fully adaptable design for reading with one hand. Its battery is bigger than most and the fact that it is part of the Amazon family is great news.

Best eBooks of 2023

– Woxter Scriba 195 Paperlight: the ideal recommendation if you are looking for a compact, affordable and good quality device. This Woxter Scriba has a 6-inch backlit screen that is not touch-sensitive, so you will have to control everything using buttons. You can get it from €87.17.

Best eBooks to read comfortably

– Tagus Gaia Eco PlusIts strongest point is its autonomy. However, this Tagus e-book also stands out for the high quality of its touch screen and its eco-design.

Best ereaders

– Kindle 2022: the updated version of Amazon’s famous economic device. This time, the basic Kindle maintains its good storage capacity, but integrates a screen with better resolution, autonomy for more than 6 weeks and USB-C connector.

More useful e-books

– PocketBook InkPad ColorPocketBook InkPad Color: ideal for reading books that include illustrations or for enjoying your favorite comics. This device is the most premium of the list. This is evident in its amazing color display, compatibility with all kinds of formats and battery life for several days of reading.

Useful eBooks

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