The best extensions for Google Chrome

Best Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most efficient Internet browsers, in addition to being the one that treasures the largest market share in the world. Google is constantly adding new and interesting features, such as topic-based search in the browsing history, but in addition to the new features released by the manufacturer, hundreds of thousands of extensions can be used to get more out of the software.

Extensions allow you to take advantage of all the qualities of the browser, increases its productivity and optimizes the user experience.

No matter how the person uses Google Chrome, extensions will help you better manage each of the activities you do on the computer. Today we have selected six that are fundamental and bring new tools to the browser:

The 6 best extensions for Google Chrome

-Magical: This extension is a text expander and message template creator all in one. It has the ability to generate shortcuts for common phrases, email templates and links. It is a perfect helper to speed up the writing process and make it faster and more accurate, especially for those who work with writing templates.

-View Image: In 2018 Google and Getty Images reached an agreement, for this reason the “View Image” button was removed. In the event that a person wants to recover that function, he or she will only have to install the extension to make Google Chrome work again like in the old days.

-Keepa: It is made for people who buy recurrently on Amazon, as it allows access to the price history of the web and sends notifications when the amounts fall below the desired cost. It is an extremely useful extension to save money and buy cheap products.

-Mighty Text: It adds the function of being able to send text messages from the computer, certainly, Google Messages works in a similar way, but nothing else works with that app. On the other hand, Mighty Text will work with any text messaging application on the cell phone, that’s where its versatility and importance lie.

-Awesome Screenshot: Its main function is to take screenshots, but the truth is that it goes much further. This is because the capture option has the ability to take a visible, full-page or selected area shot. The screenshots are quickly saved and can be stored on the computer or in the cloud.

-Momentum: It has been designed to make the navigation in the search engine as personalized as possible. The user will be supported by a dashboard, which will be ordered depending on the focus of the person’s day. It is very useful to perform specific tasks because any program, web or important application will be at hand.

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