The best extensions to manage tabs in Google Chrome

Have you ever found that you have too many tabs open in your Google Chrome browser? With the right extensions, you can manage your tabs more effectively and make sure each tab is organized as desired. Here are a few of the best extensions to help you manage tabs in Google Chrome.

Best Chrome extensions

Some of the tab management tools from. Chrome are part of the ranking of the best extensions for Google Chrome, but in this article we are going to explain which ones you should take into account.

Many of the best tab management extensions for Chrome work on Chromium-based browsers.

Admittedly, the original tab management option of the popular browser is quite effective. However, when talking about hundreds or thousands of tabs, the situation changes. The good thing is that nowadays there is a wide variety of add-ons that perform this kind of tasks wonderfully.

As discussed, Chrome’s native tab management can become very useful. However, the extensions that we will show you in this selection can help you manage tabs in a more professional way. And even become a good way to customize Google Chrome. It is worth clarifying that most of these tools should work perfectly.

– One Tab Group: this extension to manage tabs that has a free level in which you can access to a great variety of options. In addition, its interface is very easy to use, as it simply groups all tabs into one. In addition, One Tab Group offers the ability to manage multiple Chrome sessions at once.

– Tabs OutlinerTabs Outliner : undoubtedly one of the best tab managers. The reason is simple, Tabs Outliner allows you to group all your active tabs in a separate window. In addition, this window can be customized and its premium version adds keyboard shortcuts. It is perfect for managing thousands of tabs.

– Brain Toolis not exactly a tab manager, but it works even better. Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages of Brain Tool is that it offers the possibility to organize tabs by categories. Not only that, you can also import bookmarks and keep thousands of pages active at once.

– Tab Manager Plus: perhaps a bit messy when you have more than a hundred tabs open. However, what makes Tab Manager Plus a great option is its option to drag and drop tabs from one session to another within Chrome. Its interface design is also very eye-catching and virtually bug-free.

Chrome Extensions

– Tablerone: another very well developed tab manager. Tablerone allows you to identify windows with a specific name to know what kind of content is in the tabs. In addition, another of its most striking options is that it allows you to open recently closed pages if you closed them by mistake.

– Aerys: it has a very simple and easy to understand interface. In addition, one of its plus points is the grouping by categories according to what is on the websites you have open. It works very well if you need to have hundreds of tabs open. Perhaps it is not so recommended if your needs are above that range within Chrome.

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