The best films and series to premiere on Netflix [Junio 2021]

The month of June is full of news for the Netflix streaming platform, which is expanding its catalog both in the cinema and in series, with new seasons and series of premieres, but also with new films that add more to the catalog of one of the platforms User.

Netflix premiered the long-awaited film “Happy Death Day” this June, along with many other titles and new seasons

We’ve already discussed what were the best Netflix movies and series for 2021, but now let’s focus on what’s new this month:

The series which will be released in June are:

– “Sweet Tooth, the Deer Boy”: Post-Cataclysmic Fantasy by Robert Downey Jr. due to a virus wiping out a large portion of the world’s population while simultaneously having multiple births of hybrid babies, such as Goloso, the protagonist who grows from a baby to a teenager with unusual deer features; like his ears or his antlers (premiere: June 4th).

– «Boiler»: Eight chapters in a Nordic thriller with mysterious elements with a beginning that describes the mythical director Cecil B. De Mille (“Your film begins with an earthquake and from there up”) when they erupt after the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. Strange events (and special reactions) are taking place among the residents of the small town of Vik (premiere: June 17th).

Regarding the Movies The following will be released on Netflix in June:

– “Happy death anniversary”: Turn the screw to the day that is repeated over and over again, as in “Groundhog Day” (“Caught in time”, Harold Ramis, 1993) or in “Edge of tomorrow” (“The day after tomorrow”, Doug Liman, 2014) but this time he changes Groundhog Day or the Alien Invasion for the last day of the protagonist who is neither Bill Murray nor Tom Cruise but a college student who is killed on her birthday and just as she dies awake in the morning and she repeats on the same day with different variations, but always with a different ending, in which she is murdered again and has to solve her own murder in order to escape the loop (premiere: June 7th).

– “Disomnia”; Any post-apocalyptic future is usually terrifying, but what if the inhabitants of the earth are lose their ability to sleep? With the dire consequences for health and the normal development of life. What if only one girl had the answer to resolve this situation? (Release: June 9th)

Additionally, Netflix includes a good number of Films that have already been released in theaters in previous years like “The Blue Lake” (June 1st), “A Ghost Story” (June 7th), “Rainy Day in New York” (June 11th), “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (June 13th) , “The House of Terror” (June 15) and “Daggers from Behind” (June 29).

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