The best free games for PC [2024]

There is a wide catalog of excellent free games for pc offering hundreds of hours of entertainment. Most of the titles are of the Battle Royale type, although you can also get war video games, RPGs, fighting games, life and soccer simulators, among others.

In addition, many of these games have cross-play, this means that they will allow you to play with your friends regardless of the platform they are on, be it PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

If you don’t want to spend money, but want to install a good video game on your computer, here you will find some of the best free titles.

Recommended free PC games

You will find a wide variety of genres, just choose the one you like so that the game meets your expectations.


This is a fighting game made in the image and likeness of the classic Nintendo title, Super Smash Bros. This means that you will fight your opponent to get them out of the arena, so whoever is left standing will win. It offers a catalog of more than 60 fighters and various cosmetic items themed to Star Wars, The Ninja Turtles, WWE and more.

Call of Duty: Warzone

A Battle Royale based on the world of Call of Duty that stands out for its frenetic pace, large arsenal of weapons and various war tactics that can help you take the lead.

You will also find other game modes available, such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, among others. Note that Warzone has crossplay compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Counter Strike 2

It is the classic terrorists versus police game mode, but the graphics have been improved, as have the gameplay, mechanics and fluidity of the animations. Likewise, the maps were also updated so that you can apply different strategies to surprise the rival team.


Dauntless is an action RPG that has gameplay similar to Monster Hunter because you must fight all kinds of beasts to improve your character and obtain loot with gold and cosmetic rewards. The game also offers weekly challenges that you can complete with up to five friends in online mode.

dota 2

This MOBA game applies real-time strategy, you will play a hero and you must use your powers in the best way to defeat the enemy. Here you must team up with your friends to face your opponents. Communication is vital to devise a strategy to deceive your opponent and defeat them.

Fall Guys

In Fall Guys you must overcome a series of obstacles in different arenas; as you progress, the tests will become more difficult. You will compete against other people and the last one standing will win. It works like a Battle Royale, although the mechanics do not revolve around shooting, the entire gameplay focuses on overcoming obstacles.


A Battle Royale where you can play alone, in a duo, trio and squad. One hundred people will gather on a map and only one will be the winner. To achieve victory you will have a series of weapons and powers to try to defeat the opponents. Note that Fortnite also has a LEGO mode that allows you to build your own world as if it were Minecraft.

Genshin Impact

We come to the most famous open-world action role-playing game of the moment, this is because its world is immense, which offers immersive gameplay that will allow you to discover all kinds of secrets and treasures while you learn the history of the video game. On the other hand, it also has good combat mechanics, they are challenging, so they reward the one who masters them best.

Rocket League

It is a soccer title that is played with cars, you can play alone or in duos, the objective is to make the most of the car’s physics to dominate the ball and score in the rival goal. It should be noted that it has other game modes inspired by basketball and hockey and, in addition, there is a mobile version of Rocket League, although it is simpler in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The Sims 4

It is a life simulator, so you must manage the existence of the Sim or Sims under your care. There are many activities to do, you will have to feed him, get a job and develop skills that will help you progress. Likewise, the title allows you to interact with other Sims, have friends, enemies, a partner, get married, get divorced and more.

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