The best free image databases on the internet

Images, videos, and illustrations are an essential element in improving the usability and SEO positioning of the content. These days the internet has a good number of image databases that can be searched and found hundreds of files to better illustrate the content.

Image databases provide a space in which to find high resolution photos, vectors, and illustrations for content.

An image database is a web page that stores and classifies a large number of photos, illustrations, vectors, and multimedia content of all kinds (by categories and labels) so that users can use them for their content.

With that in mind, each of these images has some Licenses and Terms of Use Hence, it is important to review and understand them well to determine if they can be used on a blog, website, or digital magazine. Although most commonly believed to be all free, some come with a different type of license, such as: B. Mention or Payment.

Below are some of the best image databases with high quality files, many different themes, and licenses of all kinds, from free for commercial use to free: One of the largest image databases with the greatest variety of content because it contains high resolution photos as well as icons, vectors, illustrations and videos. In addition, it is possible to filter searches by content type, license, tags and also by colors.

-Pixabay: Another very complete image database with photos, vectors, illustrations and videos. It has an editor selection as well as a very complete search engine with filters by color, subject, size, alignment or label.

-Pexel: This is a very popular image database that offers suggestions as well as categories in which to discover new images and videos. In this case, there is a section called “Challenges” where thematic competitions are created so that artists can win prizes. As in the previous ones, the search engine has filters to search for images by color, size, canvas orientation, subject or label.

-Unsplash: Based on Microsoft Surface technology, it has some unique features like the visual search engine that works similarly to Pinterest and allows you to search for images that are related to others. It also has search filters as well as various categories and tags.

-Freeimages: A simpler image database than the previous ones. It has “collections” organized by subject, as well as a section with popular photographs. It also offers a search engine with categories (which you can also filter under by the camera used) as well as options to filter by size, color, license or relevance.

-LifeofPix: A minimalist image database with high-resolution photos and videos, sorted by categories, tags, authors and licenses.

-Stock Adobe: Adobe’s proprietary image database offers a wide variety of photos, as well as premium images, free and paid videos, audio recordings, and license-free templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

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