The best free link building tools

Link building is one of the main factors for SEO positioning improvement one side. An inbound link profile from sites of great authority may or may not mean the difference between appearing in the first position in the search engine.

Link building is a complex task that requires dedication and time to create a high quality link profile.

However, practicing link building in both text and images is one of the tasks that takes the most time and effort for SEO professionals as it is a complex process that requires commitment. With that in mind, to make this task easier, it is possible to have tools, some of which are paid and some of which are free, to do the tasks and streamline the process. We’re going to recommend some of the ones you can use without paying for it:

-Google: If you’re looking for link building ways, Google is one of the best tools to use. You can use the search engine to find resource pages, websites that enable collaboration, and pages with a section of links. To refine your search, you can use the so-called “Google search links”. This is a series of commands entered into the search that allow you to search for hashtags, narrow your search, exclude words …

– Google notifications: With this tool it is possible to receive a notification every time someone mentions a website or a person. This allows professionals to know all the mentions and contact these pages to place a link.

It is also possible to view all the content posted on a keyword, find pages, blogs, and users related to the same topic to contact, as well as learn when the competition is mentioned and find out what they say about them.

-Google Sheets: Google spreadsheets are also a great link building tool. With them it is possible to manage the workflow, analyze the information in order to find potential customers, create opportunity lists or record all successfully created links.

-Check my links: It is a browser extension that scans every webpage for broken links. It’s a good tool for scanning a webpage and finding link building opportunities.

-Hunter: Although this tool offers a few payment options, the free version lets you find out the emails of those responsible for websites you want to place a link on.

-SEO quake: An extension that offers a range of SEO tools that will allow you to view all the SEO metrics of a page, analyze the SERPs and export them to a CSV file, analyze the difficulty of the keywords used by the page, examine internal and external links or Do a full SEO review.

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