The best free movies on Pluto TV

Best Pluto TV Movies

There are many online services to watch movies and series for free, but. Pluto TV is one of the best streaming platforms today because it has first class productions. Its catalog of free films is one of the most complete and the app can be downloaded on cell phones, computers, smart TVs and more, it is available to everyone.

There are many quality movies that you can watch on Pluto TV without spending a single euro.

So, despite the fact that Pluto TV doesn’t have such an extensive amount of options as the best movies on Netflix, HBO, Disney+, etc. The truth is that you can get a lot out of it. Below, we will tell you which are, really, the best movies on the platform.

– The Road: It’s no secret that Viggo Mortensen is a great actor (he plays Aragorn in Lord of the Rings). In this film he plays a father who must care for his son in the midst of an apocalypse that threatens to drive the human race to extinction. It is a perfectly acted, complex and suspenseful film.

– The Hunt: a masterpiece starring Mads Mikkelsen that chronicles the life of an elementary school teacher who lives a nightmare when he is accused of child molestation. The film exposes sensitive issues that are often overlooked in society, well worth watching.

– El Luchador: a drama from beginning to end about the life of a professional wrestler who is reaching the end of his career. Mickey Rourke’s performance is impeccable, so much so that it earned him an Oscar nomination. It is a film full of heartbreaking, real and tense moments, one of the best Pluto TV has at the moment.

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– To hell with the devil: to lighten up this list a bit, we recommend this very well-directed comedy film. It is about a man who wants to conquer a girl and to carry out his enterprise he will make several wishes to the devil. Logically, things will not turn out as he expected.

– Cube: a low-budget cult film revolving around a mysterious prison where the cells are constantly changing. Several people will wake up in such a strange prison without knowing how they got there and will try to escape by any means necessary. Also, the theme of the film is interesting and it is entertaining to see the prison’s ability to make life miserable for the characters.

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