The best free music generators on the Internet

Do you want to create free pieces of music but don’t know where to start? Look no further than the best music generators available on the Internet! With these helpful tools, those who have a creative ear can make their own music with great ease.

Music generators for computers

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a musician to compose music like a professional. This is because there are several music generators free on the Internet that will help you bring to life the track you have in mind. Best of all, the platforms have an Artificial Intelligence that will make your work easier, which is really convenient.

Music generators have all the tools you need to make your own songs in no time.

Computer music generators will vary depending on the program you employ. Some of them are based on artificial intelligence, while others are focused on the musician and his composing skills. So, depending on your faculties, you will choose the most beneficial software for you.

– MuseNet: an OpenIA project in which the software itself will be in charge of creating the song according to the parameters you set. In the MuseNet database you will find tracks, rhythms, mixes and melodies by The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, etc.

– Beepster: is focused on the funky music style. Based on this genre, you will establish the rest, such as pentatonic scales, voice tracks, effects, among others. Then, you will have to choose the playback speed, the volume and the tone that the melody will have. The program is effective to improve songs that have already been generated.

– Melobytes: breaks the mold because the AI also has the ability to sing. This is thanks to the fact that it analyzes the lyrics and transforms them into unique melodies. Something very interesting is that it will allow you to set the language of the lyrics and the key they will have, as well as the time of the song, the beat and the singing style.

– Typatone: made for cell phones, will turn the keyboard into a musical instrument and listen to your voice to elaborate songs with your words. The AI, in addition to mapping sounds, can also turn the sequence of letters into a melody full of rhythm and style.

– BeepBox: ideal for beginners because it does not require you to be a musician, it is just a matter of playing with the sounds and effects it offers to find a creative rhythm. The best thing is that the catalog of instruments is wide, you will find diverse guitars, trumpets, drums and voices so that you can play with them until you get the song you want.

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