The best free series on the internet

Although major entertainment platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video offer a wide variety of content, many users have it They don’t want to or can’t pay for these services.

Some traditional TV channels offer their catalog of content online for free, but you can also find free series on other online platforms

For everyone there are sites and platforms on the Internet where you can find free series and films. Today we are going to recommend some series that you can watch for free on your computer, mobile phone or smart TV.

– “Cobra Kay” (YouTube): Although the series can currently be seen on Netflix, the first seasons were released on YouTube Premium and have been available for free on YouTube since September 2019. The series follows the events narrated in the Karate Kid films, although this time it focuses on the life of Johnny Lawrence, a member of the Cobra Kai Dojo and longtime rival of Daniel LaRusso.

– “The inmate” (YouTube): A science fiction thriller that has become a classic over time. Patrick McGoohan plays number six, a secret agent who wakes up one fine day in The Village, a dystopian coastal town. While he tries to escape, the mysterious leaders of “The Village” do everything possible to prevent him from escaping.

– “Do you want to see a corpse?” (YouTube): Rob Huebel creates a series in which he gets some of his famous friends to show them corpses. Literally.

– “Curro Jiménez” (Pluto TV): For lovers of the classics, Pluto TV offers a channel that broadcasts the adventures of the most famous bandit in Sierra Morena.

– «Robotech» (YouTube): This 1985 animated series merges and adapts three Japanese animated series that appear to have no relationship between them. However, it is a cult series that is indispensable for lovers of this type of series.

– “Paco’s men” (A3Player): «Los Hombres de Paco» is one of those mythical series on Spanish television. There is no need to introduce this detective comedy. She plays Paco Tous, Hugo Silva and Pepón Nieto, a parody of the National Police, and has a total of 9 seasons.

– “Pharmacy open” (A3Player): Another of the most mythical series in Spanish television history. In the everyday life of a pharmacy owned by Concha Cuetos, who plays Lourdes Cano, a separated woman with two children. To date, with 48% of the screen share, it is the most watched series in the history of Spanish television.

– “Merli” (RTVE a la carte): One of the most talked about series in recent years. Merlí Bergeron is a philosophy professor who arrives at an institute and provokes different reactions from his students and teachers. Some hate them, some love them.

– “The service of time” (RTVE a la carte): The Ministry of Time has been one of the most acclaimed and critically acclaimed series lately. Members of the ministry are sent through time to keep events and history as we know them from being changed.

– «The one who stands out» (MiTele): The crazy series that tells the adventures of the world’s worst neighbor community can be enjoyed for free in Mitele.

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