The best gadgets to withstand heat waves

Best gadgets to beat the heat wave.

In this season of high temperatures you will certainly need the help of some of the best gadgets to beat the heat wave. Not only to cool off, but also to take care of your electronic devices.

We show you a list of affordable, good quality devices that will help you stay cool during the summer.

In that sense, here we will recommend you several options, from smart fans to cooling bases for your laptop and other technological devices to cool your drinks. Here’s our list of the best gadgets to beat the heat wave:

The most refreshing gadgets

– Miioto refreshing patches: can be used anywhere on the body. These patches contain peppermint and hydrogel, so they are quite cooling. In addition, they can also be used for fever relief.

Heat patches

– Mikikit smartphone fan: is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. This fan will prevent your phone from overheating, all thanks to its small blades made of the highest quality materials.

Handheld fans

– Winterworm mini-cooler: serves for both heating and cooling drinks in the car. Its design is quite compact, connects via USB cable and cools in a few minutes.

Mini fridge

– Bseical neck fan: very similar to many wireless headsets. Instead of blades, this neck fan integrates a turbine mechanism, which allows it to be extremely light and quiet.

Fan for heat

– LtYioe mini-humidifier: Serves to humidify the environment on those dry hot days. It connects via USB, is compact in design and can run for 6 hours in intermittent mode.

Electric air fresheners

– Trilink cell phone cooler: designed for gaming smartphones, this cooler fits cell phones with screens between 5 and 7 inches. It has a USB-C cable, two power levels and is extremely quiet.

Mobile cooler

– Blanket with Arc-Chill Japanese cooling fiber: is a cooling blanket that, on the one hand, is 100% cotton and, on the other hand, features Japanese cooling yarn fabric that will allow you to sleep cool even on the hottest nights.

Cool Blanket

– Energy Silence 590 fan: this amazing fan has its own water container to function as a fogger for approximately 12 hours. It also integrates a timer, five blades and three speeds.

Silent fan

– Mars Gaming 15 inch laptop cooling base: ideal to prevent your laptop from overheating during the summer. This base is made of resistant materials and includes two fans with RGB lighting.

Laptop cooler

– Cooper Cooler: cools soda cans in as little as one minute, 1.5 to 7 liter containers in 3 minutes and wine bottles in 6 minutes.

Wine bottle cooler

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