The best games for PC [2024]

Among the best games for personal computers there are titles of all types, from classic video games to free games and proposals from all types of genres.

In this list you will find some of the titles that, in the opinion of the TreceBits editors, you will enjoy the most on your computer.

Recommended PC games in 2024

No matter which one you download, we assure you that it will be an excellent video game that will offer you a first-class experience.

Baldur's Gate 3

Suffice it to mention that it was the GOTY of 2023 (Game of The Year) because it is a CRPG game that offers a large number of possibilities. It has a story with a magnificent script that rests in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The number of alternatives to solve each problem is immense, it is a title that, at least, will give you 150 hours of play.

Alan Wake 2

If you are a lover of police and horror games, Alan Wake may be one of the best installments of all time that encompasses both genres. You will have to gather clues to solve a case with no apparent solution and you will also have to face monsters and abominations that could very well be part of the Silent Hill universe.

Diablo IV

For many, it is a true return to the essence of the Diablo saga, it has a dark atmosphere and a vast world full of dungeons and enemies that you must defeat to improve your skills. Likewise, both the main villain and the story more than deliver, the plot is interesting and well told from beginning to end.

Cyber ​​Punk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Phantom Liberty is the new expansion of the base game whose main protagonist is Idris Elba. So, if you haven't played Cyber ​​Punk, it's the perfect time for you to go through the main story and its small sequel, which is very complete, as it will give you about 30 hours of gameplay or more.

Halo Infinite

Made for lovers of first-person shooting games, although it also has a great campaign with a memorable story. Here you will continue with the adventures of the mythical Master Chief who must reunite the pieces of his civilization to be able to face the enemy again.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The question is simple, if you like airplane simulators, perhaps this is the best option you have at your disposal. The flight mechanics are extremely realistic and, not to mention that, the graphics are top-notch. You can fly over the pyramids of Egypt, take to the skies of Paris, fly over the Italian Riviera and much more. It is worth mentioning that the video game is capable of offering the weather conditions of each area in real time.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

He once again plays the legendary character of Leon Kennedy who will have to search for the missing daughter of the president of the USA in a dangerous rural area of ​​Spain. In this installment the areas are much larger, there are combos of blows and kicks to kill the infected and the graphics more than comply. It is a very fun title that will not leave you indifferent.


From Xbox and Bethesda comes the new space RPG that will allow you to explore hundreds of planets in search of the secret of life. You will find all kinds of biomes and enemies that will force you to draw up an efficient combat strategy to survive. If you want hundreds of hours of gameplay and incredible side quests, Starfield is made for you.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

This installment of Like A Dragon (previously known as Yakuza), is the most complete ever made. Not only does it have a solid and memorable story, but you will have a huge map in which you can do whatever you want, the number of secondary missions, mini-games and secrets is overwhelming.

Street Fighter 6

Finally, we cannot leave aside a good fighting game that lives up to the task and, as expected, Street Fighter 6 not only has good graphics, but also has very polished gameplay that will allow you to execute combos and powers in an efficient way. fluid (far surpasses previous deliveries).

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