The best gaming laptops [2023]

With more powerful processors and faster GPUs than ever before, the best gaming laptops of 2023 offer PC gaming performance in a portable package. Perfect for gaming on the go, today’s gaming laptops provide the power to play the latest and most demanding titles, while still remaining lightweight and portable enough to carry to the nearest LAN party.

Gaming laptops for gaming in 2023

To have one of the best gaming laptops of 2023 does not mean you have to spend a large amount of money. There are excellent options with reasonable prices that will give you a good performance to run any video game without problems. In addition, you can enhance your experience with some of the best 4K gaming monitors, a good PC mouse or any other gaming accessory for your laptop.

Gaming laptops have the ability to adjust to the user’s needs, there are hundreds of competent models available.

Below, we will list the best gaming laptops you can buy right now. Not only will you come across the most expensive computers, but we will also give you affordable options that offer great value for your money.

– Asus ROG Zephyrus G15: features a top-notch 15.6-inch display with 2K resolution. The refresh rate reaches 165 Hz, it is perfect for competitive gaming. The performance of this laptop is outstanding, the battery has a solid autonomy and it has a good price (from 700 to 900 euros). This is the best laptop to play any kind of video game thanks to its Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 or 3080 graphics. Its processor is an Intel Core i7-11375H.

Gaming Laptops in 2023

– Razer Blade 14 (2022): has a minimalist, compact and slim design, something that is not common in the world of gaming laptops. To this we must add a 14-inch 2K screen that reaches 165 Hz. Inside it has an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti that can run games at 60 fps with a QHD resolution. The processor is an AMD Ryzen 6900HX.

Gaming Laptops to buy

– Lenovo Legion 7 (Gen 6): another affordable laptop that has a competent performance. It has a 16-inch screen with 2K resolution that goes up to 165 Hz, it also has HDR and 500 nits of brightness. Its performance is excellent due to its MD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor and Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics. It will run any title without failures or slowdowns.

Gaming computers

– MSI GF63 Thin (2022): is not the most powerful computer, but its price and build quality make it an option to consider. Its display is 16.6 inches with a Full HD resolution capable of 144 Hz. The processor is an Intel Core i7-11800H and the graphics is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti.

Gaming PC

– Corsair Voyager a1600: the most striking feature is its 16-inch panel with a 2K resolution with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, something incredible in this area. It is the laptop par excellence for competitive gaming. Also noteworthy is its mechanical keyboard, which is perfect for gaming due to the responsiveness it offers and its build quality. It has an AMD Radeon RX 6800M graphics and an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS processor.

Gaming Computers

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