The best gifts for iPhone owners

iPhone Accessories

A iPhoneiPhone, by itself, is one of the best cell phones available today. It is a powerful phone that can run all kinds of games and apps, its design is worthy of a high-end and does not miss any productive function. However, despite how complete it is, there are certain accessories that come in handy to make it a more complete and useful phone.

There are several add-ons on the market that are specially made for the iPhone, these enhance its qualities or add new tools.

Then, there are certain gifts that can be given to the owner of an iPhone so that the smartphone becomes his number one ally. Here you will find a list with those accessories that make the difference for what they offer and for the quality of their construction.

– Apple MagSafe Wallet: this is a small wallet with magnetic technology that is able to attach to the back of the cell phone. Best of all, if the wallet is separated from the iPhone for more than a minute, the user will receive an automatic notification indicating the wallet’s last location.

iPhone Gifts

– Car holder: ideal for those who use the Maps app to get anywhere because the holder will allow looking at the phone while the person is driving. Just adapt the mount to an air vent and end of problem, no adhesives or suction cups required. One of the best brands of mounts is Moment Car Vent Mount.

Add-ons for iPhone

– Bluetooth dongle for flights: an add-on designed for AirPods and airplanes, it will no longer be necessary to buy a wired headset. All you have to do is connect the dongle to the audio input for the sound to be transmitted wirelessly.

Mobile accessories

– Razer gaming controller: buttons on the iPhone touchscreen is not the most comfortable thing ever. Thinking about this, Razer has designed a controller that connects to the iPhone’s Lightning port for low latency. It has everything you need to play like a pro from your smartphone.

Mobile gadgets

– 18 mm Moment Wide Lens: is an attachable lens to take mobile photos to another level due to the wide angle it possesses. Perfect for taking a variety of shots, from portraits to landscapes, the lens is versatile, it is worth it if the user is an amateur in the world of photography.

Lens for cell phones

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