The best Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest moving disciplines as tools and processes are constantly changing and evolving. With that in mind, it can be a little complex for professionals to stay up to date in this ever-changing ecosystem, but there is nothing left to do but be constantly updated.

Google Chrome has options that you can use to take actions, such as: B. planning content in social networks or analyzing the search volume of a keyword.

Professionals in the industry need to know how to use the best online marketing tools like keyword search engines or analytics tools like Google Search Console or Analytics.

To make things a little easier, Google Chrome offers a number of extensions that are of great help to all digital marketing professionals and that should also be considered. We recommend the following:

-Keywords surfer: For anyone who used Keywords Everywhere in the past, Keyword Surfers is the ideal replacement after the first one is paid. It is an extension that is integrated into Google SERP and shows the volume of the keywords searched for.

-Bag: As the name suggests, it is a “bag”. For those unfamiliar with Pocket, it is a content curation platform that allows you to save any relevant content that you want to save. In short, it’s a kind of library of “bookmarks”. In Pocket, content can be organized by tags to make it easier to find. With the pocket extension it is possible to save a page quickly and easily.

-Nimbus screenshot: A very complete extension for taking, editing and posting screenshots. It’s a very complete extension in that not only does it allow you to record, but it also provides tools for recording the screen.

-SEO Pro extension: It is an extension that enables webpage scanning to be done quickly. This extension offers very complete data for the search engine optimization of a page, e.g. B. the number of H-tags, keywords or image settings.

-Ahrefs SEO Toolbar: Another SEO extension in this case provides information on the titles and descriptions of the pages, the URLs, the headings and sub-headings, the total number of words and the social tags.

-MozBar: One of the largest SEO companies, Moz extension provides domain authority information that can be very important when creating a link building strategy. It also highlights the keywords used by the website and the outbound links.

-Bite: This extension allows you to shorten the URLs in order to be able to share them, and most importantly, you can track and analyze the clicks these shortened links get.

-Buffer y Hootsuite: The social media management tools Buffer and Hootsuite have their own extensions with which it is possible to plan or publish any website directly on social media. When you go to a webpage, just click on the extension. This will bring up a floating window where you can write (copy) the text, add hashtags, and schedule the content to be published on social networks.

-GSweets: A very useful extension for anyone who works with Google Docs. It offers a number of special commands for quickly formatting documents. Simply entering the “/” will display all formatting commands, e.g. B. H tags or numbered lists. That way, just typing “/ h1” will format the text.

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