The best Google Nest devices [2023]

Best Google Nest devices

Google acquired Nest Labs, a company dedicated to creating smart home devices from thermostats to smart speakers, in 2014. Since then the company has launched a wide range of smart products.

Google Nest products include smart thermostats, speakers, home security cameras, smart displays, among others.

Google Nest offers competitive alternatives to equip your own smart home and all of them are fully compatible with its Google Home app. Here you will find which are some of the best you can buy.

Google’s best devices for the smart home

– Nest Cam security cameras: this is one of the devices that can make your smart home much safer. Basically, because Nest Cams are equipped with motion sensor, 130-degree field of view, 2K resolution and are designed to be installed indoors and outdoors.

Nest Cam security cameras for smart homes from Google Nest.

– Nest Hub Max: is a 10-inch smart display with excellent audio quality. If you link your Nest Hub Max to a Nest Cam, for example, you’ll be able to see who’s knocking on your door. In addition, with this amazing panel you can watch guided recipes while cooking, watch Netflix, keep track of events noted in Google Calendar, join video calls, etc.

Nest Hub Max, a tablet product of Google Nest

– Nest Wi-Fi Pro: simply one of the best alternatives in terms of mesh Wi-Fi connection devices. This gadget is perfect for extending the signal range of your router. That way, all your smart devices will stay connected to the network no matter how far away they are.

Nest Wi-Fi Pro designed by Google Nest

– Nest Audio: this speaker works great with Google Assistant, making it a solid choice for your smart home. With Nest Audio you can listen to music from Spotifiy and YouTube Music, among other services. It’s also great for pairing with other speakers to create an interconnected system throughout your home.

Ideal speaker for music

– Nest Doorbell (wired): the doorbell that transmits a video to your cell phone so you know who is at your front door. A rechargeable wireless version is available. However, this wired model is a better choice. It also includes continuous cloud recording for 10 days with Nest Aware Plus subscription.

Smart doorbell with facial scanning.

– Nest Learning Thermostat: the smart thermostat that optimizes all your heating and cooling systems. It is the best known Google Nest gadget. Its most famous functions are the memorization of common manual settings and automatic shutdown.

Thermostat for temperature control.

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