The best GPS trackers for pets [2023]

The best GPS trackers for pets

The GPS pet trackers allow you to know where your dog or cat is at all times, so you won’t have to resort to apps to search for lost pets if you don’t know where it is and want to locate it. Currently, there are several devices on the market that do a top-notch job and offer detailed information on the location of the animal.

A good tracker will prevent your dog from getting lost because you will know where it is and you will find it in a matter of a few minutes.

Here you will find a list with the best GPS trackers for pets of the moment, which stand out for their accuracy and for having the option to alert you if the animal moves away from the delimited area.

– Cube Real-Time Tracker: this is a compact unit with a SIM card that relies on Tile and Apple AirTags for tracking. A key point is that its battery lasts between 10 and 60 days, which is excellent. It also has many GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, so connectivity is very complete. As if that were not enough, Cube real is inexpensive, not more than 25 euros.

2023 GPS trackers for pets

– Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker: for many, this is the best GPS dog tracker on the market. Its star tool is that it performs a live tracking of the pet and makes it possible to arrange a virtual fence to receive alerts when your doggie escapes or leaves the allowed area. Another highlight is that it is water and dust resistant.

More efficient GPS trackers for pets

– Petfon GPS Tracker: employs its own long-range radio technology that is capable of tracking the pet from 1 km to 5.87 km. For its part, the battery has a battery life of approximately 16 hours. An interesting addition is that an alarm and lights can be activated from the cell phone to find the animal faster.

GPS for dogs

– Jiobit: we come to one of the best options for small dogs and cats. It has a robust, minimalist and lightweight design, so it will not be uncomfortable for your pet. Despite its size, the autonomy will reach two weeks and incorporates very useful functions for iPhone and Android smartphones. It also has location-based alerts and intelligent geofencing.

GPS for animals

– Garmin T5 Mini GPS Dog Collar: we can describe it as a professional use tracker. It is made for pets that practice sports or for jobs that involve dogs. It is a local tracker that has no cellular connection. The collar is connected to a control unit worn by the dog handler. It is also waterproof and has a range of 6.43 km.

Trackers for dogs and cats

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