The best health forums in Spanish

List of the best health forums in Spanish

Health and wellness are concepts that are closely related to happiness and quality of life of individuals. Fortunately, thanks to the goodness of the Internet, getting advice on how to stay healthy is quite simple by consulting the best health forums in Spanish. best health forums in Spanish.

Learn about the best forums to get expert help, share experiences and take care of your physical and mental health.

Always remember not to believe anything that is posted on an Internet forum and to listen to the criteria of medical professionals. With this in mind, in this article you will find some of the best health forums in Spanish.

In them you will even have the opportunity to interact with professionals and acquire knowledge that will serve to complement with the best apps for exercise and tools to monitor physical health.

The best online health forums

– MedicalPlus: blog where various topics of health, medicine and science in general are discussed. MédicoPlus, created by Spanish scientists and communicators, stands out for the scientific rigor of its content. The best of all is that, despite its degree of specialization, all its texts are written in a quite understandable way and within the reach of any type of public.

– Medline: one of the most recognized health websites. Medeline is a site specialized in all kinds of information about health and medicine. Although it is mainly aimed at professionals in the area, on this website you can find extremely useful articles. It also has a series of interactive games and tutorials to learn while having fun.

– EFE Health: the health blog of EFE, one of the most experienced news agencies in Spain. On this page you can stay informed about the latest research and advances in the field of medicine and disease prevention. Of course, in EFE Salud you will also find news related to wellness and tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

– PsicoActiva: is one of the most popular mental health forums in Spanish. In PsicoActiva you will not only be able to communicate and exchange information with people experiencing difficult times. You will also have the opportunity to interact with mental health professionals who will give you advice and answer your questions.

– Vitónica: focuses mainly on fitness, diets and, in general, healthy lifestyles. As one of the most visited health websites today, at Vitónica you can find tips for your workout routines, information about injuries, healthy eating tips and much more.

– Psychology Forum: Nicolás Moreno: the forum of psychologist Nicolás Moreno is a space where it is possible to discuss, share and solve doubts about situations related to emotional help. In this web not only people willing to externalize their experiences participate, but also professional experts in subjects such as anxiety, depression, couple problems, etc.

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