The best hidden games and tricks on Google

Hidden games and tricks on Google

It is the best known and most used search engine in the world. Google helps millions of people to work, to be informed and, of course, also to be entertained.

What is not usually known is that Google has some tricks or curious searches in store for those who want to entertain themselves for a while. Beyond the famous “Google Pacman” or the “snake game” there are many other “secret” searches. These are some of them.

The best games and curious searches on Google

These are some of the best hidden searches on Google that are sure to catch your attention. You just have to proceed as we explain to enjoy them:

-Answer to life, the universe and everything

Google search trick answer to life

If you type in the search bar “Answer to life, the universe and everything”, which in Spanish would be “The answer to life, the universe and everything”, the direct answer that Google gives is “42”.

Although it may seem that there has been a failure in Google, what really happens is that the search engine makes a nod to the novel Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Novel in which some beings create the second best computer in history to obtain the answer to the “meaning of life, the universe and everything.”

–Do a barrel roll

Google search trick do a barrel roll

To see how the results and the Google platform revolve around themselves, just type “do a barrel roll” and observe the effect that the search engine makes.

– Askew

Google search askew trick

In this case, and honoring its literal meaning, by writing “askew” (which means “crooked”) Google results are tilted slightly to one side.

– Google Minesweeper

Google search minesweeper trick

He classic minesweeper game whose objective is to clear a field of mines without any of them detonating, very popular thanks to Windows, it is available on Google with the search “minesweeper”.

– Google Solitaire

Google Search Solitaire Trick

Another of the most popular games is Solitaire. A very well-known card game also thanks to Windows that can be played from Google by typing “google solitaire”.

– Three in a row

Google search trick three in a row

Beyond the games born from the famous operating system, board games like Tic Tac Toe can also be found in the well-known search engine. You just have to search “three in a row” and start playing.

– Memory game

Google search trick memory game

However, not only classic games are found on Google, for those users who want to improve their memory skills they can try searching for “google memory game” and start at it.

– Splatoon

Google search splatoon trick

Splatoon is a series of Nintendo video games whose characters shoot ink weapons. To do something similar to the game, but within Google searches, you just have to search “splatoon”, click on the animated colored spots that appear in the results and start shooting.

– The Tomatina

Google search trick la tomatina

In a very similar way to the previous case, if you search on Google “the Tomatina“, as the popular Spanish festival of Buñol in Valencia is called, and you click on the tomato that appears in the results, the screen becomes a target where you can have fun throwing tomatoes.


Google search trick bts

Finally, to the delight of fans of the South Korean musical group BTS, if you type the name of the famous group in the search bar «bts» a purple heart appears. If you click on it, balloons appear on the screen that can be popped.

-Zerg Rush

The Zerg are one of the alien races from the popular real-time strategy game, StarCraft. When typing Zerg Rush in the Google search engine, the “O” turned into rings that fell and devoured the results, the user could use the mouse to shoot at the rings and obtain a good score. This game has also disappeared, but it is still possible to try it on

Zerg Rush hidden game

-Conway’s Game of Life

John Conway was a British mathematician, creator of the theory of combinatorial games. By typing “Conway’s Game of Life” in the search engine, this game will appear in which you can see how life reproduces and spreads quickly across our page.

Conway's Game of Life on Google

Heads or tails

For those who feel lucky, by typing “heads or tails” in the Google search engine, you can play this simple game of chance.

Heads or tails on Google

In addition, in the search engine you will find other games such as Pac-Man, Minesweeper, the famous snake game and the dinosaur game, which you can play when you do not have an Internet connection.

Games on Google Maps

-Snake game: The snake game is also available on Google Maps, only instead of a snake you drive a train and, instead of eating balls, you pick up passengers. The stage will be the main cities of the world such as Cairo, Sao Paulo, London or Tokyo.

Google Maps, Snake game

-The Loch Ness Monster: Google Maps and Google Streetview are already entertaining in themselves, but when you type “Loch Ness” in the Google Maps search engine, the Google doll will transform into Nessy.

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