The best horror movies on Netflix for Halloween

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Netflix has offered some of the best movies throughout 2022, but now it’s time to celebrate Halloween in style with worthwhile horror films. Within the platform’s catalog there is content of all kinds. For this reason, you have to choose very well what you are going to play to avoid having a bad time watching something that does not live up to expectations.

October is a special month for Halloween, one of the best ways to celebrate it is with a macabre and dark movie.

Horror movies are one of the most prolific subgenres nowadays. Therefore, Netflix offers very good options in this section. Next, we will tell which are the creepiest movies that the platform has, they are able to make your hair stand on end.

– The Mist (2007): one of Stephen King’s classics that has an excellent film adaptation. The plot revolves around a thick fog that invades a town from one day to the next. The inhabitants will have to fight against terrible monsters that inhabit the mist in order to survive. The ending is one of the most epic and unforgettable.

– Incantation (2022): as a good Asian (Taiwanese) horror film, it does not skimp on macabre resources and a murky script. It follows the protagonist through a hellish journey plagued by black magic, devil worship and a set of rituals that sow a psychological terror that only few films can achieve.

– Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (2019): the perfect horror movie to watch with the whole family (including the kids). It’s about a group of teenagers who have to deal with monstrous entities that come from a cursed storybook. It’s also very well executed, it’s not funny, it’s made to be scary!

The mummy that died for lack of light

– The Ritual (2017): a Netflix original film made with a lot of care. It revolves around a group of friends who intend to spend a few days in the woods. Although the premise seems somewhat trite, the film more than delivers. The mountain will become an evil entity that will stalk the characters through a diabolical beast and black magic.

– Creep (2014): the film is shot from a character’s point of view (as if it were the Blair Witches). It is about a filmmaker who answers the call of a man who asks to be filmed on his last day of life because he is dying of cancer. The performances are top-notch, the film is full of intriguing, murky, creepy and absurd moments.

– His House (2020): a horror film with a very deep and complex message. It touches on sensitive issues such as xenophobia, racism and the complexity of emigrating. It focuses on an African couple who escape from Sudan to take refuge in England. There they will live a nightmare in their new home, which is haunted and full of painful memories.

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