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Having a good management software for your business, whatever its size and the sector in which it operates, is essential to optimize processes and to achieve the highest performance. However, although these types of programs are useful in all sectors, there are business areas in which having one of the best is more necessary than in others.

This is the case, for example, in the tourism sector. Running the day-to-day running of a hotel establishment requires a lot of planning and taking into account numerous economic, financial, human resources variables… so having a program that manages all the activity in the hotel is essential.

That is why in this article we are going to review the most important hotel management software that you can find today in the market, so that if you are looking for one, you know what are the fundamental characteristics of each one and how they differ from each other. Don’t miss our list: It is possibly the best hotel management software that you can find on the market today. It is a complete suite of software in which you will find everything you need to manage a hotel establishment. For example, with Ofihotel you will be able to fully mechanize the administrative, commercial and managerial activity of your hotel. In addition, it is a modular and flexible hotel management software, so it adapts to the needs of any size of establishment, whether it is a large hotel chain or a small rural house, for example. You can work with/without previous reservations, for direct clients..

From a very functional panel, easy to handle, you can manage both accounting and all the important data and variables for business management. It is a CRM very employed that, in addition, is complemented with other titles such as Ofihotel Cloud, a software that will allow you to benefit from the advantages of the cloud; Ofihotel HQ, a platform of reputation and hotel communication; OfiScan, which allows you to easily scan ID and Passport to check in guests; OfiReservas, which is the engine that allows you to manage the booking of rooms online; OfiHostal, specialized for hostels; OfiRural, designed to meet the needs of rural accommodation … and many more … and many more.

Hotel management software

-Octopus24. This is another widely used hotel software, in which you will find a CMS that will allow you to manage the accounting and statistics of the establishment. Like Ofi’s software, it provides real-time reporting and its booking engine can be easily integrated with hotel search engines. It has most of the classic functionalities and is easy to use in day-to-day hotel business.

octopus 24 hotel management

-Eviivo. This is another of the most widely used hotel management software in the industry. It has, like the rest, an intuitive and easy to use booking and payment engine, as well as a management suite that is updated automatically. It allows you to automate processes and save time in the daily management of administrative and accounting tasks of a hotel establishment.

eviivo software

-Aeroguest. It is another of the most used hotel management software in the sector, and stands out especially for its mobile version, since it allows the integral management of hotel business from the palm of your hand, anywhere and everywhere. In terms of tools and functionalities, it has the same as the other hotel management software programs we are analyzing.

aeroguest hotel management

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