The best insurance for your smartwatch

Smartwatch insurance

Insuring a smartwatch – especially if you have one of the best smartwatches on the market – can be a good idea to prevent unpleasant situations, such as theft or accidental breakage of your device.

If you are looking for the best policy to insure your smart watch, you should know that there are a wide variety of companies on the market that already cover this type of device, as is the case with mobile phone insurance. In this article you will find some of the best insurers that will allow you to protect your smartphone from any eventuality.

The best insurers for your smartphone

– Zurich Klinc. Insurance for smartwatches from Klinc – a digital company that has perished in Zurich – covers situations such as accidental damage, theft of devices with force – violence or intimidation -, electrical damage caused by the device’s malfunction or damage caused by accidental liquids.

With Zurich Klinc insurance you can choose the form of subscription, between an “annual modality” with coverage throughout the year, or monthly payment. There is also the “on demand mode” with which you can activate or deactivate your insurance for a few days, whenever you want, depending on the use you give it.

Zurich Klinc Insurance

– El Corte Inglés Insurance. The El Corte Inglés Mobile Superinsurance covers events such as the theft of the smartwatch through violence or intimidation, as well as the blocking of the SIM card. Also the expenses incurred by requesting the duplicate and those that may arise from possible fraudulent calls made with the device.

Once the complaint is filed, El Corte Inglés’ insurance also includes the replacement of the device. On the other hand, it also covers the repair of your smartwatch in case of damage. Additionally, while the repair is being carried out, it offers a loaner smartwatch.

El Corte Inglés Insurance

– Media Markt Insurance. With Media Markt you can insure your smartwatch by choosing between Basic, Advanced or Premium coverage and includes liquid and moisture damage, accidental damage and theft damage.

In addition, it allows you to extend the manufacturer’s warranty up to two years, including mechanical and electrical breakdowns, parts necessary for repair, travel to your home for technicians, and transportation of the repaired device.

Media Markt Insurance

– Mapfre Yip Yop. With Yip Yop insurance from Mapfre you can protect up to three personal items that are electronic, sports or leisure. With it you can insure only the time you need – you can activate and deactivate the protection whenever you want and pay only when you use it.

It covers any material damage that your objects may suffer accidentally and also theft with violence or force. Additionally, you can include any object belonging to you or a member of your family who lives in the same residence, a very interesting option to secure children’s smartwatches.

Mapfre YipYop Insurance

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