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December 28th, Spain and Latin America celebrate “Innocent Day” when it is customary to play jokes of all kinds between family and friends, and some media even take the opportunity to post improbable news (don’t worry, we do not do it).

With these websites it is possible to create fake WhatsApp chats or send a friend to download more RAM memory for their computer

April Fool’s Day is a perfect day to have a little laugh at others and yourself. On the internet you can find an endless source of jokes, funny memes of all kinds and also websites where you can have a little fun for others. After recommending some apps to play pranks on your friends, today we’re going to introduce you to some websites that you can use to play pranks on loved ones far away.

-More RAM: This is a classic site, ideal for users who are “home computers”. If a family member says their computer is slow, all they have to do is apologize and tell them it has a lot of work and tell them it may be low on RAM and that they can download whatever they want from, where it can download anything you want for free. Obviously as a joke.

-Fake News: In times of fake news, one of the best jokes is to compose a message and share it with your contacts on Facebook. To do this, offers an easy way to create a fake news story with pictures from Google Images and some user-created text to share the fake news directly on Facebook.

-Photos via the PC screen: The Amazing Camera is a website that ensures that you can take pictures with a PC screen without using any accessories or webcam. On this webpage it’s very simple: just look at the red dot, press the button and wait for the result.

-Fake conversations: The WhatsApp Fake Chat web application allows users to create fake WhatsApp conversations and customize the look and feel of the app and chats. Images can also be inserted.

God hates shrimp: For those of you with a friend who loves shrimp, has a site about a group of people who hate shrimp.

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