The best keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

Learn keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome can help you speed up your browsing sessions noticeably.

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+N will take you directly to Chrome’s incognito mode.

At first it may seem complicated to memorize the various keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome. However, before long you’ll notice that doing so is almost as easy as changing Chrome’s appearance.

In addition, you will see that with a simple key combination it is much faster to access, for example, incognito mode. But there are many more possibilities. These are the most useful Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

Best navigation shortcuts in Google Chrome

– Opens the last closed tab: the shortcut is “Ctrl+Shift+T” and you can make the most of it when you accidentally close a tab. For example, when you forget to add an important web page to the bookmarks section before closing it.

– Refresh page: simply pressing the F5 key will save you from having to drag the cursor to the “Reload page” icon.

– Search bar: press “Ctrl+K” to place yourself in the browser search bar without any further movement. In apps such as Docs and Sheets a search box will be displayed.

– Create or delete a bookmark: in this case you should use the “Ctrl+D” combination. With this shortcut you can quickly add the page you are on to the bookmarks bar. If the page is already added, it will be removed from the bookmarks section.

– Switch to the address bar: use the shortcut “Alt+D” or the F6 key to quickly jump to the address bar and enter a URL.

– Accesses the list of open tabs: with the combination “Ctrl+Shift+A” will display a list not only with the tabs you have active at the moment, but also with the tabs you have recently closed.

– Closes the current tab: press “Ctrl+W” to close the tab you are in without scrolling to the X. With the first shortcut in the list you can undo the action performed with this combination.

– Opens a new tab: it is important not to confuse it with opening a new window (Ctrl+N). To open a new tab within the current window you must press “Ctrl+T”.

– Enlarge/decrease page: hold down the “Ctrl” key and then the + button to zoom in on the page you are viewing. To zoom out, perform the same procedure, but this time with the – key.

– Returns the page to its original size: if you no longer know how much you zoomed in or out you can use “Ctrl+0” to reset it to 100%.

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