The best LGTBI series on streaming platforms [2023]

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Among the best series you can watch on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video is a wide variety of titles that celebrate diversity and inclusion. And is that the presence of LGBT+ characters and stories not only occurs in LGBT-themed films of these platforms, but there are also series are perfect for celebrate any day of the year with Pride in front of the TV.

In recent decades, more and more progress has been made in the integration of the LGBT community, and as a reflection of this normalization, there has been a proliferation of series in which characters, concerns and plots that concern them are made visible.

These are some of the best LGTB series you can find today.

In fact, so far this century there is an abundance of high quality series and with successful critical and public support where the LGBT component is a very important part, when it is not directly the vortex around which the plots gravitate. Drama, comedy, costumbrismo and even science fiction are the genres in which dozens of chapters can be enjoyed.

Some of the most recommended series are the following, indicating in each one the streaming platform where they can be found.

The best LGTBI-themed series and where to watch them.

– “Will & Grace” (1998-2006 / 2017-2020): With two stages separated by more than a decade, the friendly relationship between a straight woman and a gay man who share a New York apartment is filled with comic moments in their busy love and professional lives. (Movistar+).

“Queer as folk” (UK: 1999-2000 / USA: 2000-2005): In this case, the translation to the other side of the pond of an original British series takes place again, as it happened with “House of Cards” or “The Office”. In the case of the British version there were only 10 episodes while the American version reached 83 episodes in which the life of a group of gay men from Pittsburgh, their relationships, professional careers and personal problems were narrated (Filmin and Peacock).

– “The L World” / “The L World: Generation Q” (2004-2009 / 2019-2023): With two stages separated by a decade, this series focuses on the life perspective of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in Los Angeles. The plot follows the life evolution of the author of a novel inspired by the personal lives of some of her friends (Movistar+).

“Glee” (2009-2015): The most festive, funny and above all musical of the series in which there is a significant presence of main characters belonging to the LGBT community. It has served as a showcase for a good number of performers, in addition to promoting musical performances on popular musical themes from all eras (Disney+).

“Modern Family” (2009-2020): The fact that one of the couples in the quirky family belonged to the LGBT community made it possible to show with a lighthearted and amusing point of view all the phases of such a relationship, from marriage and adoption to raising their children. (Disney+ and Peacock).

“Orange is the new black” (2013-2019): Attached to the prison drama genre, this Netflix production was a pioneer in centering its action on multiple female characters of color belonging to the LGBT community, developing their relationships and conflicts amidst the peculiar setting of a female prison.(Netflix)

“Transparent” (2014-2019): Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”), in a masterful acting lesson, plays the patriarch of a family who, despite his more-than-mature age, decides to come out of the closet and transition genders in this drama of self-discovery and personal honesty, without sparing the complexities of such a situation.(Prime Video).

“Sense8” (2015-2018): Creation of the Wachowski sisters (creators of Matrix and also belonging to the LGBT community), this dramatic series with tints of science fiction narrates the vicissitudes of eight individuals who share a peculiar emotional bond despite the geographical distance or identity, resulting in a proposal as peculiar as visually stunning.(Netflix).

“Euphoria” (as of 2019): Far from the sweetened teen series, this HBO production tackles with depth and rawness the relationships between young people with an uncompromising presence of issues related to sex or drugs. Among its large cast, the popular Zendaya and Sidney Sweenie stand out (HBOmax).

“Uncoupled (Uncoupled).” (since 2022): The hilarious Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother) has to “get back on the market” after being dumped by his husband after 17 years in a relationship. The problem is that he finds himself completely out of place in the New York gay compulsive dating scene for men over 40. Comedy is served (Netflix).

Other LGTBI series you can’t miss.

– “Pose” (HBO): “Pose” has become an emblem of diversity, as it shows the difficulties the trans community has gone through over time to defend their identity. In the series, the viewer can see the changes in society over time, from 1980s New York to the Trump era.

– “Please Like Me” (Netflix): A story of acceptance, starring Josh, a boy who, after breaking up with his girlfriend, realizes that he is actually gay. With his new identity assumed, Josh, Claire (his ex-partner) and his best friend and roommate, Tom, Josh will have to deal with his mother’s depression, while struggling to get his family to accept his way of life.

– “Sex Education” (Netflix): Otis becomes the high school sex guru, thanks to the help of his mother, a famed sexologist. When a classmate encourages him to open his own high school clinic, the series delves into issues such as homosexuality, sexual identity, bullying, family abandonment or abortion.

– “Eastsiders” (Netflix): Cal and Thom are a gay couple living in Silver Lake, their relationship of four years, is shaken when Cal learns that Thom has been unfaithful with Jeremy. Upset, Cal decides he doesn’t want to end the relationship, however, he decides to cheat on Thom with Jeremy as well.

– “Looking” (HBO): “Looking” chronicles the lives of a group of gay friends in San Francisco, each of them going through their own existential crisis, so together they search for how to face the future.

– “Special” (Netflix): A man with mild cerebral palsy, decides to take back the reins of his life and assume his identity as a homosexual in order to pursue the life he has always wanted.

– “Betty” (HBO): A series that has been defined as queer, multicultural and feminist. Betty (a derogatory term for female skateboarders) depicts the lives of a group of girls making their way in the New York skateboarding world.

– “Little Fires Everywhere” (Amazon Prime Video): Although it may not seem like it at first glance, this hit thriller features LGBT+ representation. The series tackles issues such as homophobia, motherhood, mental health, class struggle and race.

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