The best memes around 2021

2020 is already history and will be remembered as one of the most complicated years due to the coronavirus pandemic. In compiling the best memes of 2020, the Happy Bug had a huge place among the jokes that social network users have shared massively over the past year.

2021 is the absolute protagonist of most of the memes that can be seen on social networks these days

Now that we are releasing 2021, hope that it will be a better year and humor cannot be lacking either. The New Year is also the protagonist of many jokes that are spread on social networks these days. Some serve as New Years greetings for your friends and family, others can bring you a smile on this first day of the year if you don’t know them. We have prepared a selection for you:

-The trailer for 2021: After such a difficult 2020, it is not surprising that many users want to see the trailer for next year in order to avoid surprises …

-Mad Max: This meme warns users to be so happy that 2020 is over as the Mad Max events took place in 2021. You might want to be prepared for this.

-The end of the world in 2012: For those who don’t remember, 2012 was marked by a Mayan calendar prediction, which marked the end of the world that year. Now, when you look at everything that happened in 2020, one wonders whether the Maya who created the calendar were dyslexic or not.

-Grandparents in the future: This meme with Grandpa Simpson shows how the elderly of their future will explain to their grandchildren how complicated romantic relationships were in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

-New Years Costumes 2020: Due to mobility restrictions and restrictions on opening and closing times, most had to spend New Year’s Eve at home. The good side is that choosing the wardrobe for the night was very easy. Even Cristina Pedroche appeared with a blanket to broadcast the New Year’s carillon.

-A hard end of the year: On December 31, 2019, New Year’s Eve was celebrated as usual, in the hope that 2020 would be full of possibilities. This year, however, the farewell was very different …

– Don’t mention the year: Another Simpsons meme that is best forgotten and not talked about after a year as complicated as 2020.

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