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Halloween Night

As every year, the night of the dead arrives, Halloween is here and everything is filled with terrifying costumes, pumpkins and we all want to enjoy some plan full of horror movies, like the best movies for Halloween that you can find on Netflix.

Android and iOS stores have some horror games, to enjoy alone or with our friends, that will make us have a terrifying time.

There are also many video games that will make you spend quite scary on a night like Halloween, and you can enjoy them on your cell phone. All those who are looking for a horror game to enjoy a terrifying Halloween nightHere you will find the best proposals currently offered by the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Do you dare to be scared with your cell phone? Do not forget also to use the best Halloween emojis in your messages.

– “Dead Effect 2” (Android): “Dead Effect 2” has nothing to envy to games for game consoles. We will get into the skin of a space soldier who will have to face terrible beings such as undead, killer robots and demons. The campaign is quite long (more than 20 hours) and has a very dark atmosphere that will make us spend more than one bad time.

– “Specimen Zero” (iOS and Android): With a dynamic that can remind us of horror classics like “Amnesia” and “Outlast”, we will get into the skin of someone who wakes up in a mysterious place and will have to escape, going through places each more terrifying. To do this, we will have to explore large areas, solve puzzles, collect items and survive the terrifying monster that pursues us relentlessly.

– “The Ghost: Survival Horror” (Android and iOS): A game of survival and cooperative horror for up to five players, in which you will have to escape by any means possible from an old haunted hospital in which you have been locked up. On the way, it will be necessary to overcome tests, find objects and, above all, prevent a ghost from devouring our souls.

– “Eyes: Scary Trhriller” (Android and iOS): In “Eyes” we will have to escape from the mansion and survive the attacks of the ghostly Charlie and the bloodthirsty monster Krasue. To do this, we’ll have to explore the dreary rooms of the mansion, solving mysteries as we go along. Luckily, we will be able to use the mystical properties of the eye runes or drink the apothecary’s potions, which will offer us temporary improvements.

– “Horrifield Terror” (Android and iOS): An online team game in which we will have to hide and escape from the terrible Butcher, who will relentlessly pursue us. We will be able to choose between several characters, each of them with their own special abilities, which will help us to escape. For example, the basketball player will be able to run faster, while the thief will be able to use stealth. The goal is to join forces to escape from the Butcher’s sinister lair.

– “Evil Nun” (Android and iOS): In this game, players are trapped in an old school and are pursued by an evil nun, who will not rest until she finishes us off. We will have to go through the dark corridors and classrooms, looking for weapons with which to defend ourselves, such as the gumball gun or the doll. On the way, we will have to save all the children who are prisoners of this evil nun.

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