The best movies about Artificial Intelligence

Best movies about artificial intelligence

It is said that cinema is a window to the future, since it often shows premonitory realities of what may be experienced. A clear example is artificial intelligence, so popular today for generating images or creating texts, but which for decades has been the protagonist of many feature films.

In this article you will find some of the best movies about AI and the streaming platforms where you can watch them.

The best futuristic movies with AI as the protagonist

-«Jung_E» (2023) (Netflix)

A feature film set in a distant future in which a civil war has broken out between the survivors of Earth after a terrible catastrophe.

Major Jung-e is a war heroine who falls into a coma after suffering significant injuries. Her family is forced to donate her brain to a laboratory where a robot with artificial intelligence will be created…

-«Finch» (2021) (Apple TV)

Post-apocalyptic film in which Finch – played by Tom Hanks -, a robotic engineer with the company of his dog, creates an intelligent robot that he instructs in protecting his pet, in addition to teaching it great life lessons.

-«TAU» (2018) (Netflix)

In this film we see a much closer future in which a young woman named Julia is kidnapped by a scientist who locks her in an apartment so that a very advanced artificial intelligence, TAU, controls her and experiments on her.

-«Ex Machina» (2014) (Apple TV, Movistar Plus, Rakuten TV, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies): Futuristic feature film in which Nathan, a billionaire programmer, selects an employee of his company named Caleb to spend a week with him in a remote location in order to participate in a test with his latest creation, Ava, a woman robot based on artificial intelligence.

-«Her» (2013) (Filmin, Apple TV, Movistar+): In the not-too-distant future, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a man about to get divorced, one day decides to buy a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence. To his surprise, he ends up developing a romantic relationship with his assistant Samantha.

-«Wall-E: Cleanup Battalion» (2008) (Disney +): From the hand of Disney Pixar, this animated film shows us how humans will live in space in the future while robots work to clean up the garbage accumulated on Earth. A feature film loved by children that shows us the most sentimental side of AIs.

-«Artificial Intelligence» (2001) (Apple TV, Rakuten TV, Google Play Movies) Written and directed by Steven Spielberg, it reminds us of the story of the famous story Pinocchio. Haley Joel Osment, who we remember for being the child protagonist of Sixth Senseplays in this film David, the first robot child who, unlike other machines, has the capacity to love.

His goal is to win the love of the woman who has taken care of him, whom he considers his mother, as well as his greatest wish: to be a real child.

-«The Terminator» (1984) (Filmin)

The Terminator – and actually its entire saga – is a film in which an artificial intelligence called Skynet governs machines and seeks to enslave humanity.

However, he is about to lose the war against the human resistance, led by John Connor. To prevent this, Skynet devises a plan to send a Terminator back in time and exterminate John.

-“Blade Runner” (1982) (Prime Video, Movistar+)

It is the first installment of a film saga in whose main plot humans coexist with humanoids based on artificial intelligence that are stronger than humans and as intelligent as them.

-«2001: A Space Odyssey» (1968) (Movistar+, Apple TV)

This feature film produced by Stanley Kubrik marked a before and after for its style and special effects.

Its plot focuses on a team of astronauts who seek to follow radio signals through a monolith found on the Moon and which appears to be created by extraterrestrials. The men travel in a special ship controlled by an artificial intelligence called HAL 9000 that ends up taking control.

-«Metropolis» (1927) (Filmin)

From German director Fritz Lang, this 1927 film is futuristic par excellence. It is a black and white silent film with a very groundbreaking plot for the time.

In fact, it is considered Memory of the World by UNESCO. It shows for the first time a robotic being that has artificial intelligence and is called María II.

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