The best movies and series to watch on the internet for free

Today there is a great one Variety of streaming platforms where you can enjoy all the movies and fashion series. From generalists, in which you can enjoy the best films on Amazon Prime Video and the best films on Netflix, to niche platforms such as Filmin or FlixOlé, you will find a multitude of content such as series, films, animations or documentaries in all of them.

These are the best movies and series that can be seen on free platforms.

However, all of these platforms operate on a monthly subscription, which can be an issue for some users who are unwilling to pay for it. Fortunately, there are other platforms like Plex, Pluto TV or Rakuten TV that offer their content for free (but with advertising). These are some of the best series and movies to watch openly on these services:

– “United States of Tara” (Pluto TV): Black humor series with Toni Collette about a housewife who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and decides to stop medication to discover the cause of her illness, which reveals all of her identities.

-“The mechanic” (Rakuten TV): To star in this haunting thriller, Christian Bale lost 29 pounds. The film follows Trevor Reznik, a factory worker who is suffering severe mental and physical deterioration due to guilt caused by an accident at work.

– «There is no paradise without breasts» (Pluto TV): The free advertising streaming platform has a channel dedicated exclusively to the broadcast of this Spanish series. Gangsters and an Impossible Love, one of the most famous and most watched series in recent times.

– “Red River” (Plex): Classic western starring John Wayne in which ranchers attempt to move 10,000 head of cattle from Texas to Missouri, an undertaking no one has tried before.

– “Natural Born Killers” (Rakuten TV): Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis star in this Oliver Stone film that has become a cult movie. Mickey and Mallory, a “retelling” by Bonnie and Clyde, are two lovers and at the same time two relentless and clumsy killers. However, in a country like the United States, where fame is everything, the couple become stars.

– “Yellowstone” (Pluto TV): The series that made Kevin Costner famous again. It’s an epic-influenced western where the Dutton family is forced to defend their ranch, and it’s an Indian reservation lifestyle from heartless real estate developers.

-“Spook” (Plex): 80s classic starring Charlie Sheen and Sherilyn Fenn. A city is being terrorized by a gang of punks. However, one day a mysterious black car appears and destroys the criminals’ vehicle. Who is this mysterious ghost?

-“Street” (Pluto TV): Adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s science fiction classic of the same name, which earned him a Pulitzer in 2017. In a post-apocalyptic world, a lonely father leads his son down a highway to the sea.

– “Hachiko” (Pluto TV): The film adapts the delicate true story of the dog Hachiko and his deep friendship with his owner. Hachi is a symbol of the loyalty a dog can have towards its owner as it patiently waited for its owner at the train station every day.

– “The perfect women” (Rakuten TV): The adaptation of “The Stepford Women”, a novel by Ira Levin, is a deep criticism of American society in the 50s and 60s and the constant search for perfection. A couple who have just moved to Stepford’s elite neighborhood will find that everything is too perfect there, especially the women.

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