The best movies for kids on Netflix [2022]

Netflix Movies for Kids

Currently, Netflix has a solid catalog and some of the best movies that can be adapted to all types of audiences. An example of this are the best horror films that are available on the platform, where top-notch productions stand out. But in Netflix there are not only movies for adults, as the application also has great movies for children that are very well done.

Netflix movies for kids are free of violence, sex and obscene language, you will be able to watch them without any risk.

So, if there are little ones at home, an excellent distraction for them are animated movies because they are funny, dynamic and the duration is not extensive. Next, we will give a list with the most attractive Netflix movies for children, they are perfect for those moments of leisure before going to sleep.

– Meatball Rain 2: a very funny movie where a mad scientist will have to face a living food fauna created by himself. The idea is really original and entertaining as few others, there is not a single minute that gives way to boredom.

– Kung Fu Panda 3: the third installment of this franchise, where a panda with a knack for martial arts will have to defend his community from invaders who want to take over the area. In addition, a very powerful enemy will arrive who will want to steal the chi of all the warriors of ancient China.

– Missing Link: this film is one of the most child-friendly films. It uses the stop-motion technique to tell the story of a very naive character who believes in everything he is told. The plot takes place in a trip to the Himalayas, where the most outstanding feature is the quality of the animation.

– The Mitchell Family vs. The Machines: is about a family car trip that ends up turning into a battle against killer robots who want to take over the world. There’s nothing to be afraid of here, it’s a movie full of funny moments, unexpected situations and a very tender ending.

– Sea Monster: takes place in a fantasy world where sailors fight giant sea beasts to protect human settlements. Then, what seemed like the truth changes completely and the story is deeper than it seems. It’s a kid-friendly action film with simple and beautiful life lessons.

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