The best movies on Amazon Prime Video [2023]

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The Prime Video streaming platform, owned by Amazon and included in the Prime premium package, arrives in 2023 loaded with new feature film releases.

Prime Video features both direct releases and others that have previously been released in theaters

Listed below are some of those that will arrive only during the month of January, as an indication that throughout the rest of the year a good number of titles will arrive on this platform. In some cases they are direct and exclusive Prime Video premieres, others have previously been shown in theaters and after the usual pause of the exclusive exhibition windows they reach the domestic environment through streaming.

“Cry Macho”: Clint Eastwood’s last film (for the moment), almost a cinematic testament, in which he plays a former rodeo star who is asked by his former boss to retrieve his son who is in Mexico. During the return trip, a peculiar relationship develops between the two of them, from which they both draw enriching life conclusions.

“Suicide Squad”: Only a group of misfit superheroes held in a maximum security prison can tackle a mission they may not get out of alive, but if they do their sentences could be suspended.

“Godzilla vs. Kong”: The two greatest monsters in movie history face off when they accidentally cross paths while Kong’s caretakers oversee his transfer back to Skull Island. In the middle of the ocean Godzilla will appear, but he will only be the gateway to a dark mystery hidden at the bottom of the sea.

-“The Orphan: The Origin“: The viewer will discover the dark past of Lenna, who poses as Esther, Richard and Katie’s missing daughter, but the mother maintains her suspicions about the identity of her reappeared “daughter” and the search for the truth will unleash doom.

“Tenet”: Only the mysterious Tenet organization can save the world from World War III, and the key will be a CIA agent who is recruited on a mission that will essentially fight against time, in the most literal sense of the word. Director Christopher Nolan films his most profound attack on one of his constant obsessions: time.

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