The best movies on Amazon Prime Video in 2022

Amazon Prime movies

Amazon Prime Video has been betting for some time on expanding its movie catalog and we can say that they have done an excellent job, since they have a wide selection of films of all genres; from the most classic to science fiction.

This year 2022 we will be able to enjoy a good number of self-produced Spanish films on Amazon Prime Video.

After a 2021 that proved to be very hard for the industry, with continuous restrictions that paralyzed recordings and premieres, in 2022 platforms such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video come with their batteries charged.

We already saw the best Netflix movies for 2022, the best HBO movies for 2022 and now it is the turn to know the best Amazon Prime Video movies that will arrive this year to our homes.

-“Garcia and Garcia”: Two great names of Spanish comedy, José Mota and Pepe Viyuela, join forces to entertain us in this film. Two men with the same name, Javier García, one a mechanic and the other a prestigious airline consultant, have the mission of refloating Hipavia, a low cost flight line. However, everything goes wrong when they are mistaken for each other.

-“Hotel Transylvania 4: Tranformania”: One more reiteration of this fun animated saga, now owned by Amazon Studios. Drac and his whole family will face one of the most terrifying situations they have experienced so far, when Van Helsing invents a “Monster Ray” and things get out of hand.

-“A private affair”: A perfect combination of drama, romance, action and comedy. At the end of the 40’s in Galicia, an upper-class young woman with the soul of a policeman wants to hunt down a serial killer who has been stalking the city and its surroundings for months. To do so, she will have the help of Hector, her faithful butler.

-“After. Lost Souls.” Adapted from the juvenile literature saga of the same name, it picks up where the previous film left off. Now, Tessa makes a life-changing decision. At the same time, secrets come to light that could jeopardize her relationship with Hardin and the future.

-“The tender bar: Based on the memoir “The Tender Bar of Great Hopes” by writer and journalist J.R. Moehringer, it is a portrait of the protagonist’s childhood and youth. In the absence of a father figure, the young man has to rely constantly on his uncle, who will act as a father, listen to him and support him in his decisions.

-“Awareness: With no release date at the moment, this is a sci-fi/action film aimed at a teenage audience. The story centers on Ian, a rebellious teenager who lives with his father on the fringes of society. The two survive on the basis of small scams, thanks to Ian’s power to project visual illusions in the minds of others.

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-“Tomorrow is today”: A bet for comedy and science fiction, with a luxury cast, in which Carmen Machi, Javier Gutiérrez and Silvia Abril stand out. The story begins in the early 90’s, with a family on vacation at the beach, but things get complicated when the teenage daughter runs away with her boyfriend. The family is trapped aboard a pedalo in the middle of a storm and, when they manage to reach land, they realize they have traveled to the future… To 2022 no less.

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