The best movies on Filmin [2023]

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Among the most popular streaming platforms in Spain, one of national origin stands out. Filmin, specialized in independent and auteur cinema. It is a highly recommended option for lovers of high quality cinema who are looking for something more than very commercial titles, although titles in this category can also be found in its extensive catalog.

Filmin stands out for its strong commitment to documentaries and especially short films.

Founded in 2010, its current catalog includes more than 10,000 titles and is usually considered as a reference platform for movie buffs, even having its own production of series and movies released in commercial theaters. In addition to series and movies, with a strong presence of titles from European countries and the rest of the world that usually do not have much projection in commercial theaters and televisions, Filmin stands out especially for its wide variety of documentaries and especially short films.

At the same time, and together with national and international novelties, the following are also included in the catalog classics of all times which allow lovers of the Seventh Art to enjoy film proposals that do not usually find a place in other streaming platforms more focused on more commercial content.

The best films to be released by Filmin in 2023.

“1976” (Manuela Martelli, 2022): From Chile comes this dramatic film with touches of suspense set in the year that gives the film its title, in the midst of the dictatorship, telling the story of a family that, at the request of a priest, takes in a young man who is under persecution, which will lead to a conflict between the young man and the mother of the family.

-“99 Moons (Jan Gassmann, 2022): Swiss film that combines drama with romanticism and eroticism on the account of the story of two thirty-somethings who are seized by passion and who, despite presenting completely opposite personalities and characters, cannot avoid being dragged into a sadomasochistic relationship provoked by their respective traumas and obsessions.

“Rapture”. (Iván Zulueta, 1979): A classic of Spanish experimental cinema that hybridizes elements of the so-called “kinky cinema” with drama that combines elements related to creative obsession and almost vampirism.

-“Water (Elena López Riera, 2022): Recognized in the latest editions of the Feroz (Fiction Arrebato Award) and Goya awards, this feature film is a drama centered on the conflicts of adolescence. The plot is set in a village in southeastern Spain threatened by a storm that could cause the river to overflow, while an ancestral belief points out that in every flood there are women destined to disappear for having “the water inside”.

“The noise of the engines”. (Philippe Gregoire, 2021): Canadian film about a weapons instructor at a customs agents’ school who is expelled from his job as a result of his sexual behavior and returns to his hometown where he will be investigated by the police in connection with sexually explicit drawings that disturb the local La Paz.

“First Cow” (Kelly Richard, 2019): Two men strike up an unlikely friendship in the middle of the state of Oregon, configured as hostile territory. A cook hired by a fur hunting party and a Chinese immigrant being hunted are the protagonists. And the first cow referred to in the title.

“The Generation of Evil”. (Emilis Velyvis, 2021): Crime thriller from a scarcely known filmography, that of Lithuania, which in this case shows a plot set in the Baltic country’s underworld with a policeman on the verge of retirement investigating a series of crimes.

-“My best friend (Ferit Karahan, 2021): Turkish drama about the friendship between two young Kurdish boys, pupils at a boarding school in the Anatolian mountains. One of them will face numerous obstacles to help his friend when he falls ill.

– “Olga” (Elie Grappe, 2021): Swiss social drama offering a new perspective in light of the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. The story is set during the Ukrainian Euromaidan revolt and deals with the conflict of a 15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast living in the Swiss country and struggling to secure a place at the National Sports Center.

“Stardust” (Gabriel Range, 2020): Biographical drama about the life of musician David Bowie and his origins in the music industry, focusing especially on his first American tour in 1971. As a curiosity, critics criticized that, precisely, the presence of Bowie’s own music was missing.

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