The best movies on Filmin in 2022

filmin releases in 2021

Filmin is a platform focused on offering the best independent cinemaas well as auteur films, but it also has great films considered cult films and films with a more commercial profile, such as blockbusters.

In 2022, Filmin will bring some highly anticipated releases with cult films and some very interesting new releases.

Filmin works a bit differently than Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, as we have the option to rent movies individually, if we don’t want to pay a monthly subscription to the service.

As we did when we told you last year the best Filmin movies and series of 2021, now let’s review the titles arriving. These are the best Filmin movies for 2022:

-“Climax”: A film full of madness, sexual tension and energy about a group of young dancers who are left at an abandoned boarding school for a three-day celebration. Someone has drugged the young people, but they don’t know why or who it was.

-“All Eyes Off Me: A young woman is pregnant, but doesn’t dare tell her father. Meanwhile, he is busy satisfying the sexual fantasies of his new girlfriend Avishag, who likes to be beaten. A risky but tender play that reflects on sexual relationships, fantasies and also love.

-“HER: Directed by Spike Jonze, this is a film considered a cult film. The protagonist, Theodore works as a letter writer for other people who is in the middle of a divorce and lives isolated, in great loneliness. When he buys a new operating system based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, a unique love story begins.

-“Lobster: A different movie, set in a dystopian future where society is subjected to a series of very strict rules. One of them is that single people must enter a center where they will have to find partners in less than 45 days.

-“The Beta Test: This is a difficult-to-qualify thriller, somewhere between the erotic and the technological, in which a married Hollywood agent receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter and enters a sinister world satirizing the dubious morals of Los Angeles.

-“The belly of the sea”: Film by Agustí Villaronga that adapts a text by Alessandro Baricco about the shipwreck of the French frigate Mèduse in the early 19th century. A poetic work that unites the language of cinema and theater and draws similarities with the current humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean.

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