The best movies on Movistar+ [2023]

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Movistar+ is one of the main streaming platforms available in Spain and has an important catalog of movies and some of the best series of the moment.

The Movistar+ streaming platform already has a good number of movies that were released in theaters during 2022

If you do not find it enough with the best movies on Netflix, the best movies on Filmin or those you can find on HBO Max, among other platforms, and you are a subscriber of the service owned by Telefónica, here you will find some of the best movies that can already be seen on the Movistar+ streaming platform:

“Black Adam” (Jaume Collet-Serra, 2022): Anchored in mythological origins similar to those of Shazam, the title character played by Dwayne Johnson, The Rockemerges as a villain who must be stopped by the superheroic Justice Society before he causes (even more) mayhem and destruction.

“Black Phone” (Scott Derrickson, 2021): Hiding his face behind a mask whose countenance keeps changing, an evil child kidnapper locks his new victim in a basement, who through a telephone (which apparently doesn’t work) receives unexpected help from the kidnapper’s previous victims in this horror film with supernatural touches.

“Piggy”. (Carlota Pereda, 2022): Disturbing premise: an obese girl who suffers bullying is the only witness to their kidnapping by someone who seems intent on making them suffer. Will she help rescue them by denouncing what she knows or will she remain silent, letting those who have made her suffer so much take the punishment?

“Halloween: The End” (David Gordon Green, 2022): The relentless killer hidden behind the mask of impenetrable face returns (you have to believe it’s really for the last time) to confront one of the first survivors of this long-lived saga, veteran Jamie Lee Curtis.

“Eyes of fire”. (Keith Thomas, 2002): New film version (already made into a movie in 1984 by Mark L. Lester and starring a very young Drew Barrymore) of Stephen King’s novel of the same name about a girl endowed with powers that allow her to set fire to objects and people from a distance.

“Jurassic World: Dominion” (Colin Trevorrow, 2022): The second stage of the series of films originated by the novel “Jurassic Park” by the sadly deceased Michael Crichton closes. This time with a historic reunion of the main cast of the first installments, those entitled “Jurassic Park” with the protagonists of this latest trilogy where the park has already left the initial islands and the dinosaurs, in the case of this last installment, are once again free all over the planet.

“Lilo, my friend the crocodile”. (Josh Gordon and Will Speck, 2022): The popular children’s character comes to life surrounded by flesh and blood actors to narrate how a child discovers such a peculiar pet in the new house where he moves in with his parents. The funny role played by Javier Bardem, unusual in children’s comedies, is worth mentioning.

“The crooked lines of God”. (Oriol Paulo, 2022): Adaptation of the novel of the same title with which Torcuato Luca de Tena narrates how an investigator (played by Bárbara Lennie), in order to investigate a homicide, voluntarily enters a mental hospital run by the character played by Eduard Fernández.

“Evil” (James Wan, 2021): After revolutionizing horror cinema with “Saw”, James Wan continues to scare the viewer with the visions that the protagonist suffers with atrocious crimes that turn out to be happening in reality.

“Look how they run” (Tom George, 2022): Amusing comedy that embarks a dipsomaniacal yet perceptive investigator (Sam Rockwell) and a rookie agent with a bad habit of rushing (Saoirse Ronan) in solving a murder that has been committed in a theater where Agatha Christie’s famous play “The Mousetrap” is being performed.

“Model 77” (Alberto Rodriguez, 2022): Prison drama based on real events about the riot of prisoners in the Model Prison of Barcelona in 1977 in defense of their rights and request for better conditions.

“By the skin of my teeth” (Nacho G. Velilla, 2002): Funny Spanish comedy with all the clichés about hair (or rather its absence) on account of those who resort to different ways to remedy their baldness, from hairdressers to hair transplants.

“The Innocents” (Eskil Vogt, 2021): Unsettling horror film that deals with the strange circumstances related to the arrival of a girl in a new town. As she begins to interact with two children, they discover that they have extraordinary powers that they include in their games with fatal consequences.

“Three thousand years waiting for you” (George Miller, 2022): Spectacularly visual fantasy about the power of storytelling and the force of fate when a scholar of myth, legend and literature (Tilda Swinton) frees a genie (Idris Elba) who has been trapped in a lamp for three thousand years.

“Withney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody” (Kasi Lemmons, 2022): Biopic about the ill-fated singer that takes its title from one of her most famous songs.

– “Palm Springs: Romantic comedy starring Andy Samberg (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) and Cristina Millioti (“How I Met Your Mother”). It is an original proposal that completely changes the genre.

– “Kings of the night”: Comedy inspired by the golden age of Spanish sports radio, between the 80’s and 90’s.

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