The best movies premiering on Netflix and other platforms this summer

With the end of many restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, cinemas can be brought back to life this summer. Because of this, many productions that have been waiting for their moment will see the light in these months and the news will also reach the major streaming content platforms. Many of the best movies of 2021 on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and other platforms have already been released, but many others will see the light of day on this holiday, as will numerous series.

Among the feature films, we recommend the following:

These are some of the best movie releases we can enjoy this summer

– “The War of Tomorrow” (Amazon Prime Video): It’s an action and science fiction title starring Chris Pratt. Suddenly a group of time travelers appears with a message: In the future, some aliens will attack the earth and only with the help of the soldiers present will they be able to win. Many are the ones who join the fight trying to defend their world from attackers.

– “Operation Camarón” (cinemas): A spiky-looking budding cop with the gifts of a classical concert player is chosen to infiltrate Los Lolos, a flamenco trap band that will play at the wedding of a local drug dealer’s daughter.

– «The Ice Road» (Netflix): A remote diamond mine has collapsed and trapped a group of workers. An ice plow driver will be the only one capable of an impossible rescue as they are forced to battle a sea of ​​ice and thaw, a threat no one saw coming.

– “The Literary Society and the Potato Shell Cake” (HBO): Although it is not in itself a premiere (only opens on the platform), this adaptation of the bestseller of the same name, which takes the viewer back to 1946, is definitely worth it. A free-spirited writer, Juliet Ashton befriends the residents of Gernsey Island after World War II and decides to write a book about her experiences during the war.

– «Memory» (cinemas): Played by Hugh Jackman as Nick Bannister, a private investigator who delves into the world of the past to help clients regain lost memories. One fine day he receives a visit from Mae, a new customer who asks for the restoration of a lost item, which will uncover a dangerous conspiracy.

– “The Street of Terror” (Netflix): First part of a series of films based on the youth horror universe of RL Stine. In 1994, a group of teenagers grappled with a series of horrific events that have terrorized the city for generations.

– “Free Guy” (Cines): This movie, which opens in August, is one of the most anticipated by fans. The character starring Ryan Reynolds is a bank clerk who discovers he’s just a minor character in a video game. This discovery will lead him to become the hero of his own story, which he will rewrite.

– “The Aquarius” (Netflix): A boy goes in search of a mythical figure who is said to have magical healing powers to save his sick mother. A classic adventure with a different approach that seeks inclusion, but without the slightest sentimentality.

– «Black Widow» (cinemas): One of the films of the new Marvel universe and the one that ushers in the fourth phase. Scarlett Johanson will repeat her role as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow in an action spy thriller. Black Widow will face one of the darkest episodes of her life haunted by a force that will stop at nothing to end it.

– “The Classic Horror Story” (Netflix): Italian production in which a group of travelers are trapped in a forest in southern Italy where they must fight desperately to escape the clutches of the evil that lurks there.

– «Candyman» (cinemas): Remake of Clive Barker’s horror classic. The viewer returns once more to the Cabrini Green neighborhood in Chicago, where the residents of the animal shelters have always feared the mysterious “Candyman”, the man with the hook who appears when one says his name in front of the mirror. But the neighborhood has disappeared, gentrified and turned into a prime neighborhood … Candyman’s presence is still there, however.

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