The best Movistar Plus proprietary programs

Movistar Plus, telecom operator Movistar’s television platform, not only has a huge catalog where you can find some of the best series and streaming movies, but one too Live channel gridwhere they offer programs for the whole family as well as live sports.

Movistar Plus has its own channels like # 0 or #Vamos! who offer their own programs.

This article introduces some of the best proprietary programs Movistar Plus currently offers:

– “Nobody at the wheel”: It is a mixture of fiction and program, with Patricia Conde as the protagonist, who tells the everyday life of the writing she presented and staged. Conde reveals everything behind the writing teams with his particular absent-minded and happy style.

-“The resistance”: A “Late Night” program from comedian David Broncano, whose special sense of humor and “relaxed” way of conducting interviews has created a new way of watching TV where anything can happen. A risky bet from Movistar for the mischievous humor.

– “Late Motive”: Buenafuentes program. It is a talk show directed by the Catalan comedian with a “late night” format that features some of the latest politicians, musicians and artists going through. The format is complemented by sections led by regular members of the program such as Berto Romero.

– «LocoMundo»: From the Arlequín Theater in the middle of Gran Vía in Madrid, Quequé analyzes current events with the most irreverent humor. Every week the moderator receives a visit from the current protagonists.

– «Illustrious Ignorant»: A program that tries to answer the most absurd questions users ask. For example, why did the flints celebrate Christmas if they lived before Christ? With Javier Corona at the head of the “table of experts”, they will try to find answers to all of these questions.

– “Zero in history”: Joaquín Reyes shows that history does not have to be boring and brings us the most relevant historical events with anecdotes and above all with a lot of laughter.

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